Book Review Jaeger LeCoultre a Guide for the Collector Zaf Basha

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Dec 14, 2001
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This is a review I hate to post.

The book is that good and I would rather other collectors did not know about this book. On the other hand, we have to help people sell good books if we want them to write more.

The book is very handsome and covers older Jaeger LeCoultre watches rather than the current models.

It is organized by types and models within the type.
For examples Early Rectangular Watches include teh Duoplan Reverso ad Uniplan. Each section has numerous first class pictures, movement information and collectors tips such as how they are numbered and what is often broken and hard to get repaired.

Pictures include many details and a copies of relevant patents.

What he does not include which is to his credit are prices.

He also covers the "VXN" issue. Even if you know what this is about, buy the book.

The contents are

Watch Valley (History and background)
Early Rectangular Watches
Military Watches
Teh Memovax
WInd Indicators
Notable US Market Watches
Information on Calibers
Approxiate Manufacturing Dates

Frankly, if you want more information to compete with me while I look for the Jeager LeCoultres I want, you will have to buy the book. It is the gold standard for how a book on watches by a maker should be organized written and illustrated.

It has ISBN 978-0-615-22387.

Zaf Basha published the book himself which is a major reason why I am plugging the book. He has done collectors in general a great service. His address is PO Box 21563 Washington DC.

I bought my copy from Crunruh books.

I first saw it on Simonin's web site but Crunruh (Craig Unruh) told me it was US published and his price is a lot better.

Prices vary widely so it pays to shop around. If you like these watches, or think you might, buy this book.

One other tip. Mnay book sellers avertize through Amazon. If you go directly to their sites you will often get a better price.

Aaargh!! :eek: too much information already!!

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