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Discussion in 'Wrist Watches' started by Burkhard Rasch, Apr 15, 2017.

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    my contributions to this part of the MB are infrequent since I´m more a clock guy,and in the field of watches I´m more interested in pocket watches than in wrist watches,but my first purchase on a flea market this year was this: BIFORA electronic.The seller explained he needed 20€ for it since it was an automatic watch.I could convince him that it was an electric watch by showing him the battery cover,and I had tested the balance was intact by giving the watch a sharp twist and seeing that the seconds hand moved foreward in verry small increments for about 2-3 seconds.He reduced the price to 15€.
    I cleaned the battery compartment and the case and spend a new leather strip and it´s running now for 2 weeks and keeping exellent time,day/date are also working properly.I´ve learned that this movement was produced only for a short period of 1972/73.It has two tiny coils moving on the balance wheel and 4 little permanent magnets attached to the plate.The movement is realy small compared with others of that time.
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