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Barr & Poole Barr Mfg Clock


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Jun 8, 2014
Need some guidance on a Barr
First of all, it does run and keeps fairly good time.
Now, here is the story. . .
I got the clock running about 8 months ago and it ran well. Then is started stopping. I would start it back up again. Reason for stopping was the fingers getting stuck on escape wheel. So I made small adjustment on the shaft stop (small metal tangs to open fingers more and it rean fine. So after this time, and me being ####; I had to take it down to clean it, polish and make it look like the great clock that it is.
So, I took it apart, polished all the brass, cleaned the pivots and small levers, etc.
Put it back together and started it up.
Previously, the hipp movement would energize itself about every 20 seconds or so.
Now it is every 7 seconds and on occasion it will energize several times in succession.
I love the clock but the noise is driving me nuts at each energize.
I am sure there are adjustments but not sure where to start.

It is keeping decent time, maybe losing 1 mniute every 12 hrs or so
Batteries are good, 4.3+ volts

Is the colck regulated by regulating nut (maybe minor adjustments)? Is there another means of a rough regulation, then move to the nut for a fiine adjustment?

Any suggestions for me?
Any literature explaining the workings and adjustments?

Thanks much, Danny

Burkhard Rasch

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Jun 1, 2007
as allways:please pics!