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Barr & Poole Barr Clock, impulse is not constant


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Jan 22, 2008
south carolina
Hello, I have alsways wanted a Bulle and a Barr, but the prices have gotten too high for me.Just recently, I finally got a Barr with the cylindrical pendulum. It is running, but the problem is that sometimes the pendulum swings 8 or 12 or 24 times before it kicks and sometimes it has to give it an extra kick after only a couple of swings. It looks pretty clean and I cleaned the contacts. I have fixed 400 day clocks and a couple of crystal regulators. I have repalced parts in Kundo and ATO electromagnetics, but I am scared to take this apart to clean (it looks clean as stated),after reading one of the posts that made it sound like a pretty harrowing process to put it back together. If you have tips, please pass them on to me. The obvious problem to me is that the suspension spring looks bent, so it can impart a wobble, which would surely affect the impulsing of this clock..Is there a place to get an appropriate replacement? Mine is a solid, one spring. I looked at videos on line and one has the spring I have and two have a suspension spring wiht two separate springs makng up the suspension spring. These two suspensions look newer, like replacements. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.