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Discussion in 'Your Newest Clock Acquisition' started by WRabbit, Oct 11, 2017.

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    Clockmaker: Badische Uhrenfabrik A G
    Location: Furtwangen, Black Forest, Germany

    I recently purchased a Badische free swinger at our local chapter mart. Most examples I've seen of this style Badische clock have Amerikaner-style movements, but this one has full plate. In addition to the Crescent moon circling a B logo, the back plate contains DRP# 108935, serial #4465, and pendulum length 31cm. Arbors and pivots are quite beefy, especially when compared to similar size wall clocks from the same region and era.

    There are a few stickers on the back of the case. One appears to be a date – 14.d.8 (12/8/1914?). I assume this could be a retailers sale date.

    A few questions:

    Are these clocks dated by serial number or by case style and movement features?

    Can anyone decipher the large torn label on the back of the clock?

    It appears Badische made quite a few 400 day and Cuckoo clocks, but not much else. The case and movement of this clock are of nice quality. Is it the same with their other clocks or did I buy an exception to the rule?

    Is there a good source for Badische company history?



    002IMG_1705.JPG 003IMG_1692.JPG 003IMG_1700.JPG 003IMG_1701.JPG 003IMG_1702.JPG 004IMG_1688.JPG 005IMG_1686.JPG 006IMG_1687.JPG 007IMG_1726.JPG 007IMG_1736.JPG 007IMG_1748.JPG 008IMG_1745.JPG 008IMG_1750.JPG 010MG_1699.JPG
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    To help reply to your questions:

    1. As there are no production records extant, dating has to be done mainly by case style and/or catalog descriptions.
    2. The large torn label is simply some instructions to remove various packing pieces and immobilizing screws before hanging the clock on the wall.
    3. I think the small label reads 14.d.S, not 8. I don't know how you managed to get a date out of this!
    4. The patent you mentioned was granted 1899/1900, so we know your clock cannot be older than that.
    5. I don't agree that Badische Uhrenfabrik made mostly 400 day and cuckoo clocks.
    6. The best and most authoritative history of the company is to be found in Schmid's 'Lexikon der Deutschen Uhrenindustrie'.

    Hope these notes may help you a little.

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    a nice clock,congrats! Please show more and detailed close-ups of the rack and gathering pallet assembly,I´ve never seen an arangement like that-which doesn´t mean too much.TIA

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