2020 Florida MidWinter Back in Kissimmee

Discussion in 'NAWCC Events' started by Tom McIntyre, Jan 23, 2020.

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    We decided to spend a week in Florida as we have done for the past several years in Lakeland. We flew down on Wednesday and have a nice place that turned out by accident to be two blocks away from the WWT show.

    Since we decided later than we usually do to come down this year, I did not know where the WWT show was and drove over the Osceola Heritage Park Activity Center to look for it. By the time I figured out (it is a very large property) I did not get to the hotel until 4:00 when things were winding up. I did get a chance to say hello to a few friends there.

    We are looking forward to a good nights rest and seeing our friends tomorrow.

    I did not pre-register for this event and did not bring anything to sell. After the bi-weekly sales last Fall and the big auction in October, I do not have much that is not permanently attached to me.

    I decided to bring my very small wristwatch collection with me for show and tell. The picture show the five watches in that collection. Two are limited edition watches and three are watches that I commissioned (each for under $1,000).

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