August artifact- Chauncey Jerome's famous dwarf tall case clock, c. 1824...

Discussion in 'American Clock & Watch Museum' started by Peter A. Nunes, Aug 4, 2013.

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    Chauncey Jerome, in his autobiography, stated that he made 200 of these interesting little cases, and purchased tall case movements from Chauncey Boardman, suitably modified to work with a shorter drop than usual. The movements have features that them easy to recognize, though at first glance they seem to be standard thirty hour Boardman t.c. movements. The winding drums are turned to a smaller diameter than usual, to account for the short drop, and the usual bell stand holes are missing from the top edges of the movement plates. To make the square dials, Boardman (or Jerome) simply cut the lunettes off standard t.c. dials. The cases are all a few inches shy of 5' tall. There are around 6 known examples remaining, though there are undoubtedly more out there, unrecognized or at least unrecorded.

    jeromeboardman.jpg jeromeboardmandescription.jpg

    Click on the pictures to enlarge them, and learn more about these wonderful little clocks.

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