Marine: Arnold 176 chronometer

Discussion in 'Chronometers' started by doug sinclair, Sep 12, 2015.

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    An artifact at the Vancouver, British Columbia Maritime Museum.

    We visited the museum a number of years ago, after I became interested in chronometers, and after I found out about this chronometer. Upon arrival at the museum, we discovered that the chronometer was not on display. I spoke to an attendant, and she mentioned that the museum curator was on site. We found ourselves invited behind the scenes, and in the presence of the chronometer. This chronometer was used by Captain George Vancouver. The whereabouts of this chronometer were unknown for many decades. When it was to come up for auction (in London IIRC) during the 1980s, the museum was there with check book in hand.


    A link to Wikipedia re: Captain George Vancouver.
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    Thanks for posting the picture. Very nice early and historic piece.Whitney writes a nice story and description of the chronometer in his book. Also has a good picture of the movement. Historic chronometers with provenance can command high premiums at auction this one went for 39,600 pounds at Christie's on November 25,1981.


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