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    An often overlooked resource to find information on HOROLOGICAL BOOKS is to

    search the online archives of this forum

    for BOOKREVIEWS that may have been posted here years ago.

    Of the over 500 threads in this Forum over 100 contain a bookreview.
    (The Instructions below refer to the NEW website fpormat that will go active on January 1. 2012)

    To find them, use the 'Search" function near the top right side corner of your screen.
    It is easiest to do an "Advanced Search" by clocking on "Advanced Search" just below the the "Magnifying Glass.

    Select the Tab "Search Single Content Type"

    Under "Search IN:
    select 'Search Type:' 'Posts'

    Under "Search for Posts:"
    under "Keyword(s): enter 'review OR bookreview' and select 'Search Titles only'

    Under " Additional Options"
    in 'Search in Forums' specify that you want to search only the 'Horological Books' Forum
    Checkmark to include 'child forums'.

    Click the Search Now button.

    Of course if you know the author or the title of what you are looking for you can use these terms as 'Keywords' l to search the Horological books forum.



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