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Any movements where the pallet fork is more visible?

Justin L. Franks

New User
Feb 14, 2022
I've picked up a few pocket watches from various brands and types: Elgin 3/4 plate and 3 finger bridge, Waltham 3/4 plate, and an Illinois with the separate curved bridges, and am currently looking for a Hamilton for the right price. I especially love the Illinois and the Elgin 3 finger bridge since more of the moving parts are visible.

One thing I've noticed however is that on all of them, the pallet fork, and more specifically, where the pallet fork and escape wheel mesh, is unfortunately mostly covered up. I know it will always be at the deepest point inside the movement. But the pallet fork bridge always covers most of the pallet fork, and the balance also tends to be near the exact diameter to block the pallet fork / escape wheel "interface" from view.

Browsing through photos of other movements and brands I don't already own, it seems to be this way across the board.

Are there any movements out there where the pallet fork bridge is "slimmer", and/or the balance has a larger or smaller diameter to move its rim away from this spot? Preferably a 3-finger bridge movement, or something similar to the Illinois movements with the separate curved bridges.

Basically, I'd like to be able to more clearly see the pallet fork locking and unlocking.
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