Ansonia Sharp Gothic

Discussion in 'Your Newest Clock Acquisition' started by sylvester12, Mar 14, 2017.

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  1. sylvester12

    sylvester12 Registered User

    Oct 17, 2015
    Picked this clock up at the antique mall on the weekend. It's been there for ever and the guy kept lowering the price so I picked it up for a parts clock. However looking it over it's not that bad really, needs some veneer repair, proper hands and the lower glass needs attention. The movement is different not signed and the verge placed on the left. I have seen this movement in other Ansonia steeples so I know it's original.

    DSC00787.jpg DSC00788.jpg DSC00789.jpg DSC00791.jpg DSC00792.jpg DSC00794.jpg
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