Ansonia count-wheel strike setup

Discussion in 'Hints & How-to's' started by bangster, Jun 22, 2018.

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    The Ansonia open-escapement clocks have a count-wheel setup totally unlike the typical American count-wheel clock, which uses two separate lever assemblies: the Activating assembly that starts things going, and the Regulating assembly which manages the process.

    Instead of a set of Activating levers like this one,

    Activating Lever Assembly.fix.jpg

    the Ansonia has a curious brass thingy loosely pivoted to the back plate. (Pardon blurry pic.) This fills the role of the normal activating lever assembly.

    dingus detail.jpg hook.fix.jpg

    It is quite counter-intuitive, and figuring out how to set it up can be maddening unless you know the trick.

    The wing on the lever serves the purpose of the J-hook activating lever. It's acted on by the center shaft cam to start things going. The long prong serves as both lifting lever and warning lever. Here is the setup.

    dingus right!.jpg

    A single helper spring serves both the count lever assembly and the activating lever. It wraps around the count lever arbor, and its free end belays on a hook next to the activating lever pivot.

    This last connection has to be made after assembly. Reach in with something, grab the loose end of the helper spring, and hook it over the hook on the activating lever.

    Tnx to Time After Time for showing me how this works.​
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