Ansonia Clock Co. "Forrest" Wall Clock

Discussion in 'Your Newest Clock Acquisition' started by sylvester12, May 17, 2019.

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  1. sylvester12

    sylvester12 Registered User

    Oct 17, 2015
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    Had to have this one I picked it up tonight. It's an Ansonia "Forrest" Black Walnut Hanging Wall clock. Circa 1904 supposed to be an uncommon model. It has all the applied ornaments with original dial and hands. 8 day time and strike movement that gongs on the hour and half hour. I will get a picture of the movement later. It's 41 inches tall to the crown.

    DSC06283.JPG DSC06270.JPG DSC06269.JPG DSC06272.JPG DSC06274.JPG DSC06274.JPG DSC06275.JPG DSC06276.JPG
  2. clocks4u

    clocks4u Registered User
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    Sep 2, 2000
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    I've owned this model before. I sold it to a fellow club member so I know it has a good home. I love the Eastlake case. Yours seems to be in a little better condition as mine was slightly darker. Nice find!
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