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Discussion in 'Horological Misc' started by richiec, Sep 7, 2019.

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  1. richiec

    richiec Registered User
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    Feb 24, 2007
    automotive warranty inspector
    Brick, Ocean, NJ
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    I took my old Kenneth Cole wrist watch to the local jeweler to get a new leather band. I had to leave it as the only brown band they had had a gold clasp while mine was stainless. The shop owner was there when I went to pick it up, he had quite the collection of pocket watches so naturally we got talking and he started to pull out some of his better stuff, like two Movado purse watches, one a NOS, a couple of 18K chains. Of course my wife saw a chain turned into a necklace that said $60 on it, he pulled it out of the case, it was $60 per gram and it was solid 18K gold, about $1700 worth, of course we didn't buy it. I am going back soon to relieve him of some of his "too many" pocket watches if I can sell some of my stuff at a couple of upcoming chapter marts. Naturally he had lots of new Rolexes like a couple of diamond encrusted ones for $17000, a few NOS and used Rolex dials, etc, a fun Saturday trip.
  2. Kevin W.

    Kevin W. Registered User
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    Apr 11, 2002
    I work at the Veritas Tools machine shop.
    Nepean, Ontario, Canada
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    Its fun to look at what is for sale in shops.I do this sometimes as well.
  3. Les harland

    Les harland Registered User

    Apr 10, 2008
    Hertfordshire England
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    I find flea markets and shops that do not specialise in watches can be interesting
    You never know what what you are going to find

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