Another GCHZ Type 2 restored...

Discussion in 'European & Other Pocket Watches' started by pmwas, Jul 26, 2020.

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  1. pmwas

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    Dec 12, 2010
    Sosnowiec, Poland
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    Got this watch for repairs.
    It is an early Moscow made 12 size Hampden, the 'Type 2".
    Not like the 16 size 'type 1", type 2 is fairly scarce, and pretty much each and every - worth restoring.


    Looks like I'm lucky to get rusty watches recently. this one is not mine, though - just for repairs.
    This time I don't have to mstruggle with the rust so much, as Hampden's parts are easy to obtain.
    The winding gear (the very finish version) I had in my drawer.

    But there were many more problems than just rust.
    First - someone force opened the screw down back. Secondly - the dial was non original and glued to the plate.

    I got:
    • the winding gear mentioned
    • a hairspting
    • a 4th wheel
    • hands
    ...and off I go!

    I had to clean the crown wheel, though, as all the spare Hampden's 12s crown wheels I have are earlier, not matching ones.


    Assembling a Hampden is quite sraightforward.
    It has a negative-stem assembly with the other part of the stem fixed in the sleeve in the case pendant.


    The glue did not come off in cleaning. I remembered about it later, but it came off easily with a wooden toothpick...
    Watch out for the setting lever spring - likes to break.
    It's very crue, this one, so either a replacement or Russian made.


    Single roller escapement.
    This watch has a mismatched set of gears, but since the rusty one was of this style, it could have been a factory mismatch - they probably used a fancy old stock gear they had ;)


    Like I said - the dial was glued, but I prefer feet. Even though they look worse. I just hate glue.
    I made riveted feet - they look crude, but the whole dial is anyway :)


    Done. The case is in bad shape, but at least I managed to straighten (no, bend back would be a better word) the back to screw down quite well.


    Original case, of course, marked by the Moscow's 1st watch factory inside...


    And done :) upload_2020-7-26_19-28-13.gif
    I had to time the balance with the new hairspring by removing two small screws (the 'donor' balance had 6 pairs, this one - 7) and unscrewing the mean-time screws a bit.
    Seems to be keeping time now...

    It's not much, but another Type 2 alive. Not that many of them anyway.
    Tomorrow this goes back to it's owner :)

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