Amtrak - Schenectady Clocks

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    Electric Time Company was pleased to design and manufacture the (2) six-foot diameter tower clocks with stainless steel cases and a tower clock control that synchronizes to the atomic clocks on the GPS satellite constellation for the new Amtrak – Schenectady train station.

    Synopsis of the article in the Daily Gazette

    Schenectady's train station clocks (new and old) have their own story to tell
    New clocks part of Amtrak station under construction
    Bill Buell
    | September 25, 2018

    SCHENECTADY -- The city's new train station is starting to look like its old self, and that's the general idea.
    A 6-foot clock added to the facade of the building earlier this month immediately evoked memories of the old Union Station, at least for those old enough to remember the structure before it closed in June of 1969 and was then demolished in July of 1971.
    "A large traditional clock is featured prominently on the new station exterior, and another is featured over the station concourse," said Department of Transportation spokesman Bryan Viggiani, who said construction is expected to be done by November. "The inclusion of both clocks, as well as their classic look, were inspired by aesthetics of the 1910 Union Station, which also featured proportionally placed, traditional clocks."

    new%20clock.jpg 2018-06-13 16.30.58.jpg

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