Advanced Adding Attachments to Posts

Discussion in 'Just Practicing and Learning' started by bangster, Jan 10, 2012.

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  1. bangster

    bangster Super Moderator

    Jan 1, 2005
    Advanced Information on Adding Attachments to Posts


    Here's what you'll see to start with.
    View attachment 250710

    Click on the picture to bring up this window:
    View attachment 250712

    Set the radio buttons for alignment and size, and click OK. You only get this when you are in Edit mode


    When in Advanced mode, you can attach more documents than just pictures (pdfs, docs, etc.) by using the Paperclip.

    Click on the Paperclip icon in the menu bar of the message window (editing window).
    View attachment 250699

    A Picture Window & Attachments Window will open. If this is the first picture you have ever uploaded, the Picture Window will be empty. Otherwise it will show all of your previous uploads. Click on the Add Files button.

    View attachment 250700
    The Add Files Window will open. Click on the Select Files button.

    View attachment 250701
    A Getfile window will open, showing files on your computer. Browse your computer and select the files you wish to upload. Click Open.

    View attachment 250702
    Their names will show up in the Add File Window. Click the Upload Files button

    View attachment 250703

    The upload will take place. The uploaded file will appear in the Picture Window and in the Attachment Window. "Selected" files in the Attachment Window are the ones ready to be attached to your message. To select a file, drag it into lower Attachment Window. Click on the check box lower right. If there are other files in the Picture Window you wish to attach, drag them to the Attachment Window and Select them (click on them).

    View attachment 250704

    Go to the Message Window. Pull down the menu from the Paperclip icon. It will show the names of all the files in the Attachment Window. Click on the ones you wish to attach.

    View attachment 250722

    The attached file will appear in the Message Window, located at the insertion point, as a Thumbnail that will expand when clicked in the posted message.

    View attachment 250723

    You can edit the size and location as described above.

    Here are the file types that may be uploaded. Disregard the "Max File Size" column. It has been superseded by much larger numbers.

    View attachment 250979

    Make sure that your pic is oriented correctly (right-side up instead of sideways) before you send it. If it isn't, the Message Board software can't rotate it for you.

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