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Adding Chimes to a wooden clock


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Apr 11, 2013
I have added electronic Westminster chimes to my Abong wooden clock. The chime unit runs from two AA cells (carbon, not alkaline) batteries and several different chimes can be selected. These include 'Ave Maria' (every hour), 'West' (Westminster chime on the hour only), '4x4 West' and 'Bim-Bam'. The '4x4 West' chime, which is the standard Westminster chime, is triggered and synchronized every hour by the closing of a reed switch actuated by a small magnet stuck to the rear of the hour wheel in the appropriate position. The magnet can be up to 2.5mm thick and does not necessarily need to be the neodymium type. The chime unit cannot be switched off, but is automatically silenced from 11pm to 6am. The chime unit and small speaker are attached to a wooden sound board which is fixed to the clock between the pendulum and weight.

Chime Unit 1.JPG Chime unit 2.JPG
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