A wasted afternoon and part evening

Discussion in 'Member News and Views' started by dweiss17, Oct 2, 2016.

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    Today was one of those days where you do not know if you are coming or going. After having brunch with a nephew and a niece, she like me, does not show her true age, I drove home; even my loving cat Johnnie II, was not at the landing to greet me with her head bump and beautiful face as she usually does when she hears me coming up the steps from the ground floor. And, to make the day more non-special the Eagles (Philadelphia’s football team) had their by-week - so it was going to be a day with nothing special to do.

    Did you ever try to watch a movie that confuses you with flashbacks and poor editing…well, that’s what I tried to do after Johnnie II was fed and I removed my sandals and sat down on my computer chair to watch the movie adapted from the novel by Henry Grey, [The Hoods]…”Once Upon a Time in America.” Originally it was long enough to run for two 3-hour periods. Produced by Sergio Leone…it represented the Jewish New York scene from 1920 into the 1968 time frame. Cut down to about two hours and thirty-nine minutes. I had to turn it on and off at least four times…while the music is still haunting my brain with Annapola and Deborah’s song and other music in between…no wonder it was a thirty million dollar film that grossed only $5.4 million to become a big box office failure.

    I will not mention all the players that took part in this film; it is too darn long a list, but, it had a number of well-known and highly respected actors. It was filmed in a few countries while representing only New York. Some of the scenes were far too gory to look at - even though the viewer knew it was make believe.

    I did not finish looking at it…I went to Google to look up the story line and synopsis and the text was more than two pages long with many footnotes. It told the story in detail and just reading the synopsis…gave me a much better understanding of what took place as depicted in the filming.

    What should have been a masterpiece of story telling, using the silver screen, turned into a terrible box office failure that cost millions of dollars to put this chronicle of kids growing up in New York and rising to criminal achievement…only to have the main character go to an opium den to tell the story through an opium dream.

    The evening promises better results with a couple of TV events I enjoy being part of in watching.

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