A James Hoddell Lever

Discussion in 'European & Other Pocket Watches' started by Travler1, Jan 11, 2020.

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  1. Travler1

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    Dec 26, 2012
    Hello all ....Having read John Mathews recent post on his spectacular cased Hoddell. I thought I might be able to add something of this maker. The movement is in an American case with a maker stamp of G. D. & CO. and the serial number on the case and movement is 9605

    I have no idea of the merits of this movement other than than It appears to be a side lever with the banking pins located at the very last portion of the lever (opposite end from the fork ) as well as having a hack feature

    ..I’m mostly blind when attempting to view the inner depths of a English full plate fusee, not to mention my lack of knowledge is a hindrance. However I did view the roller table with a ruby pin inserted into the table ...and could see what I might call a wide gaped/jawed fork being impulsed by the ruby pin and jewels on the pallets. The steel of the lever appeared to be stainless or chromed ...very high polish

    I was hoping that I might garner some insight as to the US case maker and also the movement features . A comparable serial number in a proper English case would be a dream So I might be able to date the movement Thanks in advance for any assistance ....John . D8A96661-AE4A-4532-BD83-43486081C24C.jpeg 7B59F1ED-E22C-498D-BD70-F4142C1BD9DF.jpeg AF8D5BBD-93C4-4F87-B7DE-5F5768C55B55.jpeg B9ECBC3D-EADA-483E-9FAD-A5FFDD15EF72.jpeg
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    Hi John,

    Now I see where the picture in your other Hoddell thread on the chronometer came from!

    This watch is very similar to one in David Penney's archive; that has a serial number some 5000 higher than yours, and he's dated it around 1865. However, without knowing how many watches Hoddell made/sold in a year it's hard to make a guess on the date of yours. The cock with a window allowing sight of the jewelled centre arbor was apparently quite popular with American customers.

    It is by the way, a 'Liverpool Runner', even though Hoddell was based in Coventry.


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