Chronometry: A Factory Maade Display Cased 37500

Discussion in 'Chronometers' started by DeweyC, Dec 23, 2015.

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    Feb 5, 2007
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    I originally posted this in Clocks but got no input. Pocket watches seems inappropriate and since people who collect chronometers tend to be interested in history....

    I acquired a transparent celluloid cased 37500. You can see it on my website at:

    Sadly, the celluloid dial had shrunk and actually pulled away from the mounting screws, it crumbled in my hands. So, I skeletonized a NOS dial. New Stainless springs as well.

    Interestingly, the movement has no serial number and the same with the case although it is molded just like the bakelite cases.

    I thought I had seen one of these before, but I am not sure if I am "recovering" a false memory.

    The seller was adamant that this was a pre-production model used for the final contract approval process.

    I am inclined to believe this is possible given that the usual serial number on the top plate is missing.

    Can anyone shed light on this? The only thing similar I ever saw was a photo where someone milled off the back and fitted a Plexiglas plate in its place. This is a factory injection molded case that is from the same mold used to make the Elgin Bakelite cases.

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