3 Pocket Watches


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Jan 9, 2010
Hi, we have 3 old pocket watches but have no idea what they are/how rare they are, one has been valued many years ago:

The first one is a 9ct Gold Mappin and Webb watch with Swiss Omega Movement, 1915 import. picture below:

The second watch is an 'Ingersoll' watch, it says made in Gt Britain at the bottom, we are not sure what it's made of, picture below:

The third watch is made of solid silver, but has no name on the face. It also has a nice design on the back of it, picture(s) below:
http://i43.tinypic.com/2e38x0o.jpg and

I will try to get some pictures of the movements up later, I am being careful with them as I don't want to break them...!

Could anyone shed some light on these? Many thanks


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Aug 26, 2000
It would be helpful if you could post pictures of the movement (the "works") and markings stamped inside of the watch case (you can ignore any "hand-scratched" characters, they're watch repairers' marks), the clearer and sharper, the better. Directions for posting on this message board are below. Clearness and sharpness is important as differences in make or grade can be subtle. Other pictures will help a little, but these are the most important. We may be able to identify it by the shape of the plates. In trying to open the watch, you might find the information in the Encyclopedia article entitled "How To Open A Pocket Watch Case" useful.

You can test your efforts to post pictures in the Just Practicing and Learning Forum. If you have a problem getting the picture(s) to load, check your file size and make sure that it is less than 500Kb. If it is, it should load to be posted. Too large of a file size is probably the most common problem in trying to upload a picture.

Its also helpful if you can post all the markings that are on the movement (the "works"), especially the movement serial number, in case they can't be seen in the picture(s).

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