20th Century Indian Political Pocket Watch

Discussion in 'National Watch and Clock Museum' started by Noel Poirier, Jun 15, 2016.

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    Pocket watch, c. 1920-1940, Unmarked Swiss. Appearing on the watch back cover (see Figure 1) superimposed on a map of
    India, is Mahatma Gandhi, wearing a frock coat and in a symbolic pose. He appears on the left, joining hands with a contemporary national Muslim leader, Sankat Ali, in this way demonstrating unity between the two religions against their common enemy, the British.

    On the watch dial appear eleven political activists who shared their dream. Two out of the eleven were women. The Watch is a pin-set model of early 20th Century vintage. For the horologist
    turned student of Indian history, an important view on the dial is at 6 o'clock: "Charka," Mahatma Gandhi's spinning wheel.


    1 o'clock - Sarojini Naidu: Mahatma Gandhi called her the "Nightingale of India."
    2 o'clock - Lokmanya Gangadhar Tilak: The national leader who shouted in court "Freedom is Our Birthright," known in India as Lokmanya's slogan.
    3 o'clock - Lala Rajpatrai: National leader from the Punjab and freedom fighter.
    4 o'clock - Madame Cama: First woman Congress Party president.
    5 o'clock - Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya: Founder of Benaras Hindu University. National leader closely associated with Mahatma Gandhi. Sanskrit scholar.
    6 o'clock - "Charka": Gandhi's spinning wheel.
    7 o'clock - Rabindra Nath Tagore : Nobel Laureate. First Nobel Prize winner in India. National poet. Famed writer of national anthem.
    8 o'clock - Y. V. Satya Moorthy: Trusted Lieutenant of Mahatma Gandhi. He was a national leader from South India.
    9 o'clock - Believed to be national leader, Raja Ram Mohan Roy.
    10 and 11 - Muslim brothers, Sankat Ali (10 o'clock) and Mohammed Ali (11 o'clock o'clock) ; both national leaders.
    12 o'clock - Dadabhai Naoraji: Second Congress President, Calcutta Session. Founder of All India National Congress.

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