2 registered packages to germany lost in past month

Discussion in 'Lost or Stolen Horological Items' started by Luca, Mar 14, 2011.

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  1. Luca

    Luca Registered User

    Jan 19, 2004
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    So it appears the German postal service may be going downhill. I sent two registered packages to Germany recently and both unaccounted for - which is amazing considering registered mail is supposedly signed for and tracked at every stop. I wonder what is happening there? In the future it will be Express Mail with signature only, fully insured.

    The items lost: Omega Seamaster De Ville with movement no. 21898023 (best I can tell) caliber 560 with case no. 166.020. Date watch. Item 2 is a Swiss Chronograph with Register pocket watch made for Arthur Jackson in Toronto. The movement no. is 1263315. Gold filled.

  2. doug sinclair

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    Aug 27, 2000
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    You have posted to a thread that has been inactive for almost one year. I have sent you a private message suggesting you contact the original poster (Luca), and how to do it.
  3. Dr. Jon

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    Dec 14, 2001
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    Its an old thread but I amstill annoyed enough about my incident I'll bring it up again.

    I had a registered package to Germany via DHL stolen and despite assuring me be phone that it was fully covered they offered me about $60 against the $850 value plus cost of giving it to them to steal. If the German post office uses DHL, it's clear to me where it got stolen

    I do not buy from anyone who ships via DHL and i won't use any carrier affiliated with them.

    My sympathy, I truly know how you feel.

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