2. Citing Tran Duy Ly's Books

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    In the past, Tran Duy Ly has given message board members permission to quote or copy from his publications. He did so with the proviso that we credit the source as "arlingtonbooks.com."

    Tran retired in 2013, following publication of the second edition of his book on Welch clocks. Craig Unruh has purchased Arlington Books, including the copyright to Tran's books.

    In recent correspondence with Mr. Unruh, he has informed us that he is happy to continue to permit Message Board users to post excerpts from Tran's books on the Message Board. He stated that he would appreciate the continued mention of "arlingtonbooks.com" as the source. Also be sure to give the title of the book and identify Tran Duy Ly as the author.

    As an example, when posting a scan or photo from one of Tran's books, a statement along the following lines needs to be included:

    "The picture posted below [or above] is fig. XXX on page XXX in vol. X of Tran Duy Ly's Seth Thomas Clocks from arlingtonbooks.com."

    In the case of books with more than one edition, it would be advisable to mention which edition was used to avoid confusion. For multi-volume books, specify the volume, as is done in the example above.

    Mr. Unruh wanted us to remind everyone that this specific permission is limited to member and user postings in the NAWCC Message Board. For use in other contexts, such as Bulletin articles, Mart ads, or chapter newsletters, he would appreciate being contacted at crunruh@comcast.net or by phone at 847-532-9849 prior to publication. His goals are to promote the activities of the NAWCC, while protecting Tran's works from commercial misuse.

    Thanks to Admin Steven Thornberry for his efforts in obtaining this clarification for use of Tran's books to assist in clock identification.

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