Telechron 1L715 clock from Bell Laboratories


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Mar 26, 2017
Here is a Telechron 1L715 illuminated / lighted clock with an interesting history. The person I acquired it from worked at Bell Laboratories and purchased it from the company when the clock was on the hallway floor and appeared like it was going to be discarded/no longer in use.

The clock was installed at the Murray Hill Bell Laboratories complex soon after the complex was built in the early 1940s. The B2 rotor was dated November 1957 (probably the clock was repaired/replaced soon after that month) and it runs smoothly and quietly.

Per Wikipedia some interesting technologies were developed at this location: "Murray Hill (MH) - 600 Murray Hill, Murray Hill, NJ (built 1941–1945, currently Nokia, developed transistor, UNIX operating system and C programming language, anechoic chamber, several building sections demolished)"

The last photo shows the Bell Laboratories metal inventory label affixed to the clock.

The photos below also show part of my clock and phone collection (from L-R: 1H1312, 1L715, 1H912 but with GE hands, Western Electric 151AL candlestick phone, WE 302, 7H106K illuminated alarm clock, 7H93K illuminated alarm clock, 7F70, 4H82, 3H94, and Western Electric 51AL.

To restore the clock, the old wiring was removed and replaced with new wiring and a new cord, and the lighting was replaced with LED lighting with a wireless module that enables the light to be turned on and off remotely (the original light sockets and other non-wiring parts were of course saved for completeness). The clock uses 24 watts while lit and 2.2 watts while running without the lights on. The original rubber gasket ring around the glass face had completely hardened and was saved with the other parts but replaced in the clock with soft foam to protect the glass face. The painted undersurface of the glass face was cleaned with melamine foam and water. The rusty screws and other parts were cleaned with a vinegar soak for several days. The movement was disassembled and ultrasonically cleaned.

Does anyone have a spare glass for this clock given the crack in the original glass? It seems like the Timesavers Pam replacement 14 3/8" convex glass with a flattened top is 1.2" depth below the glass while the total depth of the 1L1215 and 1L715 glass is 1" including the 1/8" thickness of the glass. I contacted them and they do not have other options available. Pam-Ad Clock Round Convex Glass with Flattened Top
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Nov 29, 2008
I don't think Pam clock glass will work. Telechron advertising clock glass has a different profile from Pam. Pam glass is more like a slice off a sphere. Telechron glass rises quickly from the edge to clear the hands and then tends to flatten out. I'd look for someone parting out a genuine Telechron advertising clock to ensure the best fitment.

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