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1943 Mussolini Watch to Otto Skorzeny


Wayne D.

Hello Alberto, from what I understand one of the American MP's took it from him when he was captured as a "spoil of war". It has never been seen again. Good luck on your search.

Greg Crockett

Registered User
Apr 13, 2001
Hi Alberto.

That's an interesting project you are working on. I might suggest posting this topic in the following location:


Broadarrow is a cite for military watch buffs. Someone may have information.

BTW, I thought Otto Skorzeny escaped to Spain after WWII? Is there some possibility that a relative of his might still have the watch you are intersted in?

Best regards,
Greg Crockett
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Jeff Hess

Gold Business Member
Sep 3, 2000

This is an interesting topic and certainly is one that will interest many.

Finding specific watches is a dream of mine, including many from before wrist watch days.

And Identifying a specific watches owner for military use through engravings on the back of said watches is a terrific pastime and a historical link to many military operations.

But this topic has strayed to a more political bend that is getting a bit distasteful.

This topic has been closed by someone other than me, but I support the disicion (Whoever closed it please contact me).

I would like to reopen this thread withOUT the political ramifications.

Jeff Hess


New User
Sep 19, 2011
Richmond, VA
I just read this post from 2005. Not sure if anyone is interested in the watch, but I am in posession of it and it will be displayed at the show in Monroeville, PA this month. It is a gold Chronometer and was given to me by my father. He was left with it when Otto Skorzeny escaped. My Dad was in US CIC at the time. I have documentation and am planning on selling the watch. It is a beautiful piece.



New User
Sep 20, 2011
Attn all: I am typing this from the Monroeville PA yearly Militaria Antique Xtravaganza aka MAX. I am here because I have a similar watch. I have met bobskis2 and we have compared watches & notes from our fathers -- both former CIC in post-war Germany -- cross-referenced to the internet archives, and to 2 Skorzeny memoirs, and other bios of Skorzeny.

We now know that bobskis2 has the STOPwatch, similar but more sophisticated than a wristwatch. And yes he does have the one and only STOPwatch that Skorzeny was given. Still missing, perhaps forever, is the 18k gold WRISTwatch and the ruby-encrusted pocketwatch given only to Skorzeny. We know now that bobskis2's father has the real stopwatch which as is stated above, came from his father who arrested Skorzeny when bobskis2's father served in Counter Intelligence Corps

In addition gold STOPwatches were given to the officers in the Gran S'Asso rescue of Sept. 12, 1943. They were engraved on the back identical and were also Chronographe Suisse. I have one of these. There are only 6 given out, from our research. It has a leather wristband and is too small to have been worn by the 6'5" or so Skorzeny. Photos in the autobiography My Commando Operations show that the officers were small, as pilots and tank commanders had to be. One picture shows all 6 officers together and another photo shows Skorzeny dwarfing a few other men on the mountaintop in a posed photo before removing Mussolini to safe haven.

Two watches have surfaced after 66 years. Whether anymore will ever appear is certainly impossible to guess, but seems incredibly slim.

If you would like to be in touch on these watches with either of us, send us private messages. There is much documentation and letters of provenance available in addition to research in archives and books to corroborate all this.

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