1940s German Pilot's Watch

Discussion in 'National Watch and Clock Museum' started by Noel Poirier, Feb 26, 2015.

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    Wristwatch, c. 1941, Lacher & Company. A case diameter of 55 mm, marked on the back and side with "FL 23883" (FL = flight, 23 = navigation), equipped with large crowns in order to be used with gloves, hacking movement (the second hand stops when pulling out the crown / essential for a precise time setting), Breguet balance spring, regulated and tested as chronometers. long leather strap missing (to be worn on the sleeve of a flight jacket). Type B (Baumuster B) starting in January 1941, big minute numerals from 5 to 55 and a small inner circle with numerals for hours, at the position of 60 min a triangle and a line on its top. Durowe caliber D 5 movement with 22 jewels.

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