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18 size 21j Bunn Special info

Keith H

Registered User
May 18, 2004
Southampton, England
Hi, I am seeking info on a 18 size, 21j, Bunn Special, serial 1590259 which I have. It has a double sunk dial with arabic gothic lettering and red 5 min markers. The movement has a circular gold/copper coloured wavy ring on it.
Is there an Illinois database similar to the Waltham lookup available for general use?
If not, would I be correct in thinking the date for this 1901?


Gibbs Literary Award
NAWCC Star Fellow
NAWCC Gold Member
Aug 26, 2000
Hi Keith:

Nice watch! 1901 is as good a date as you are likely get.

Information about Illinois watches may be found in American Pocket Watches Vol. 2, Illinois Watch Co., Encyclopedia and Price Guide, William Meggers, Jr. & Roy Ehrhardt, Heart of America Press, Kansas City, MO, 1985 (no longer in print), and in [colour=blue]Russell W Snyder's Illinois Data Base CD[/colour], which may be obtained by an email to Jon Hanson at jonontime@aol.com Then, there are Oldwatch.com's [colour=red]Illinois Production Date Chart[/colour] and the PocketWatchSite's [colour=red]Illinois Date Table[/colour] which are an online means for determining the approximate production date of Illinois pocket watches. In general, we think of serial number vs. date lists - created by using the average number of watches produced over a period of years - to only be accurate within a year or two at best, and recognize that there are numerous exceptions wherein which the dates may be off as much as 3 years or more. This is not just for Illinois, but for other watch manufacturers as well.

Pictures and descriptions of some Illinois watches may be viewed online on

Pages 79 & 80 of the 1903 Oy Company Catalog at:

Pages S1 – S8 of the 1917 Oskamp-Nolting Catalog at:

[colour=blue]To view, go to the [/colour][colour=brown]Elgin Watch Collectors Site Home Page[/colour] [colour=blue]at[/colour] [colour=brown]elginwatches.org[/colour], [colour=blue]then copy and paste the address in your browser's address bar and click on [/colour]'Go'.

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