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100 years


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Aug 1, 2006
Philadelphia, PA
100 years and 100 days old

In a recent post one of our newest and youngest members asked me what I had accomplished in my long life. Living to this age and still in much better than average health for anyone this old, I cannot claim this accomplishment. Rather, it comes from an inheritance of good genes and long life in the Weiss family. Most of the family lived into their eighties; my father died at 66, my mother at 71. All my eight siblings lived long, except for two brothers and their wives who perished when their English Boac Airliner broke apart due to stress fractures over Mt. Fuji. One brother died in his 50s. My other siblings (brothers) lived well into their eighties, so did all the other blood related family. One sister remains from a family of nine children; she, in a state of dementia at age 97.

In my long life, I have experienced many accomplishments; I think my parents would be proud to know their son Daniel; a life-long stutterer had President Reagan sign into law [a Proclamation] May 8, 1988, that came from his mind, [although carried out by others.] The second week of every May is now known as “National Stuttering Awareness Week.” And it took hold overseas, and many Countries celebrate it for one day every October 22nd.

Among 287 other National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors members…we hold 50 years or more of fellow membership in a total of about 180,000 members who have come and gone over the years of our NAWCC association. During those many years I have not been idle; discovering the only Howard pocket watch to ever leave the factory un-engraved (pilfered by a factory worker who used an O’Hara dial and other hands to disguise its look.)

Without my input, we would never have the NAWCC Members News and Views, the 50 year Virtual Plaques, the Founders Plaque…denoting our 52 horologically inclined people who founded this association and Museum. The yearly NAWCC Calendar started in 2007, featuring watches and clocks collected by our NAWCC members and those in the Museum collection…their sales enabling to help our constant need for funding. On another personal note; the 1943 NAWCC Heritage Society will be a beneficiary in the years to come.

As a long time NAWCC member, I owe this association more than I can ever repay it - for the many years of pleasure, learning and history and meeting and knowing so many other fellow members with whom I came into contact in sharing this all consuming hobby and benefiting from their friendship.
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