1. T

    Seth Thomas Battery Operated Wall Clock

    Have an older Seth Thomas battery operated (appears to be space for two 6 volt square batteries) wall clock and cannot get the wiring right to get it running. Could not find any other identifying marks on it without taking the back off. I know my father had it running but that was probably...
  2. proto57

    L&R Master Watch Machine Wiring- unique case?

    I had been looking around for a wiring diagram for my L&R Master Watch Cleaning machine, and found the ones here at the NAWCC. One is posted in this thread: Electric WW - L & R Master Watch Cleaner Manual Needed And a picture of the wiring, and other stuff, is posted in this thread: L&R Master...
  3. D

    Schatz electronic(5-60) wiring diagram

    Hello Would anyone have a wiring diagram for the Schatz electronic, it has 2 coils under the base. The pendulum contains a magnet.Also would anyone know of a source for the transistor, our local electronic suppliers could not help.Any information on these types of clocks would be appreciated.

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