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  1. chimeclockfan

    French A Vedette Carillon

    So after years of passively researching clocks made by Fabrique d'Horlogerie La Vedette SA, I've finally attained such a clock for myself. This clock was sold to me by Gaius Coleman of Scotland and was retuned myself back in 2015. I did not think I'd eventually buy the entire clock at the time...
  2. A

    Curious hammers on Kienzle Westminster bracket clock

    Hi all, Finally got my hands on a lovely Kienzle Westminster chime bracket clock. Sadly I have no photos of the case, as it's currently off getting a split repaired, but it's a tall beehive case with grills on the sides and back. Anyway, upon first receiving the clock, I noticed that the...
  3. A

    Foreign Westminster/Whittington clock: Who made it, and is it practically worth saving?

    Hi everyone, Back on this wonderful forum with some more questions for you all. As I have been isolated on a small island in a state of perpetual boredom for the past few months, I recently found this little tambour clock from the interwebs, and impulse bought it for hardly anything. The...
  4. A

    An Orphaned Junghans Tambour was Dropped on my Doorstep!

    Hi everyone, Well, the title pretty much says it all here... My clock collection just keeps on growing it seems, even without my help. A few days ago I was surprised by the arrival of a large package. Turns out, my girlfriend (who is actually responsible for the start of my clock fascination...
  5. A

    My new Gustav Becker mantle clock

    Hi folks, Thought I'd come on here to share a Gustav Becker Westminster mantle clock I got a few days ago with you all. According to the seller, it's from1921. Over the past two days, I've been quite impressed by how smooth and not fussy this clock has been, and I quite enjoy its deep and...
  6. Dugald McIntosh

    Please ID this Clock German Please ID this Gong

    This gong has 8 chime rods and comes from an unbranded German granddaughter clock with Westminster chimes. It appears to have something badly stamped into the metal, which I cannot read. I am hoping it would help identify the movement, pictures attached. I have been told the movement it looks...
  7. fbicknel

    Sessions Two-Train Westminster Mantel #103

    I thought I would try posting this (we allow YouTube, so this should work, I hope?) Advantage being, as I add more to the album, it will automatically update. At any rate, I'm about halfway through, now. The case is restored (I used something called Kramer's Best Antique Improver: it worked...
  8. Isaac

    Coiled Gong Electric Herschede??

    The clock bug struck again (even though I told myself I would stop it) and I wound up purchasing another Herschede clock. This one is really strange though and I've never seen another Herschede movement/assembly like this one. Maybe someone could give me more information on this? I do not have...
  9. C

    Junghans Westminster Bracket Clock

    Hey all! This is my first bracket clock. It's a Junghans. Movement is stamped 'JUNGHANS I' in a the star. 'B20' underneath that star. On bottom right backplate it says '140'. I've just extensively fully serviced the clock and now it's actually working! I'm very proud, I do however need to get...
  10. O

    sligh westminster chime lockout lever?

    bought a newer sligh mantel clock with westminster chimes and fixed it I guess-it would go 3 quarter hours then skip one . it had a -(is a hermle movement)- unexplained to me extra locking lever on the sort of 4 sided westmenster cam that I wired up out of the way now it seems towork good...
  11. C

    1920's Waterbury Westminster

    Well, I have another version of the Waterbury Westminster movement. This one's not too bad; all the components are housed between two plates. I'm at work (supposedly working as you can guess :wink:), so I'll try to quickly describe the movement. The movement is a Westminster with the last...
  12. J

    Westminster silence leaver

    I have just serviced a Wuttenburg mechanism with a Westminster/Whittington chime. It also has a 'Silence' leaver with dislocates the chime and strike arms. Would I be right in thinking that this designed to work in 12 hour cycles only, and is different to a 'night silence'? As the chime...
  13. B

    "Made in Germany" Westminster shelf clock

    G'day! I am new to these boards and new to clock collecting. I've been browsing around the board today and I have to say I am impressed with how you all interact with each other and the amount of info you have, and the vibe is really positive which is so hard to find online these days...
  14. Mike Phelan

    8 Day Mauthe Westminster Chimes

    Hi Jingle Here goes. The 'ports' are winding squares. From L to R, they are strike, going, chime respectively. You should have a key somewhere, but if it is missing, they are easily available - come back to us. You need to wind all three once a week fully, until the winding stops, but without...
  15. J

    Schlenker & Kienzle Westminster Hour Chime

    A knowledgeable friend and I did some maintenance on my S&K Westminster movement. Afterwards everything works, but the hour chime occurs after the 3/4 hour Westminster sequence, instead of on the hour. I did notice that I could advance the minute hand by 1/4 hour, right after the 3/4...

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