westminster chime

  1. deepakbensam

    Help Kienzle German wall clock with Westminster gong from about 1910-1920

    Hi, My Kienzle clock chimes are faster than usual. It plays all 16 notes in 11 seconds. Can anybody help me with how to slow the chime settings. My friend has a similar clock that plays all 16 notes in 20 seconds. Since I am a beginner it would be helpful if somebody helps me with this.
  2. WellNana

    New Haven Clock will not strike hour

    Hello. I am in Alabama USA. My grandfather's New Haven mantel clock has Westminster chimes and three winding positions on the front. Last week, it quit striking the hour notes. The winding mechanism on the left of the face is wound tight. The clock still chimes every fifteen minutes and the...
  3. J

    New Haven westminster chime

    Hello, this is my first post about clock repair and hope this is the correct place. I do not have much experience with clocks and the ones I have redone are pre 1940's American. I recently repaired a New Haven chime clock with the round, three plate movement and it proudly sits on my mantel...

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