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    Settle and Welch's Special

    I'm trying to find information on a Settle and Welch pocket watch I have. The case is a Philadelphia Watchcase Co serial # 9097039 and the movement is a Settle and Welch's special; serial number 1988435. One of the things I wish to know is if Welsh is the same as E N Welsh and is Settle is as in...
  2. O

    EN Welch miniature ogee

    Does anyone have a verge from an EN Welch miniature ogee, 30 hr spring driven movement, patented August 1870? I need one for a restoration project. The teeth on the escape wheel are very coarse and quite box-like. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. J

    E.N. Welch alarms - how do they work?

    Hi all. My friend and I both came into ownership of two E.N. Welch clocks. Mine is a steeple and he has a mini-OG. Both of the works are almost completely identicle with the exception of the OG, which has an alarm. We carefully disassembled the entire works and cleaned, then reassembled...
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    Trying to find info on the EN Welch Garcia Kitchen Clock

    Hi Raja, With a grant from Chapter # 23 The NAWCC published a reprint of the Welch 1889-90 catalogue. Your clock is shown on page 33 of that catalogue. Made of black walnut, 21 inches high, 6 inch dial, 8 day, half hour strike, with or without an alarm and a cathedral bell. Best Regards John
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