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  1. HVAC_Guy.

    American American Waltham Watch Co. 1890, 0s, 15j, seaside?

    I recently came across a Waltham pocket watch and have been researching it for the last three days,(absolutely fascinated, I've learned so much already) I'm still not 100% sure what grade mine is. I keep coming up with seaside for grade. I was wondering if you had any tips on how to find out...
  2. B

    20th c American Jewel Material - Garnet or Ruby?

    I was flipping through some old Illinois Watch Co. material catalogues recently and found the replacement jewel section. All are listed as ruby or sapphire in either brass, composite or gold settings. This gave me an idea and I took a UV light to one of my Illinois watches, as ruby fluoresces...
  3. G

    Pocket watch case cuvette material

    Hi all, New to this forum here - I recently acquired a Waltham 1892 vanguard 21j with Dueber Newport 4 oz coin silver hunting case, and I noticed that the inner side of the cuvette shows a yellow-tone color. I thought that the whole case is made of coin silver, but it seems I was wrong...
  4. DTSPatrick

    6/0 Waltham for beautiful Opera Case

    Picked up an absolutely gorgeous 14k Opera case for a Waltham 6/0 size movement. The dial is a rose gold color with a metal sunray sheen (doesn’t show well in my photo). The movement doesn’t function and may or may not be original to the movement (not sure why movement doesn’t have screws). My...
  5. S

    A.W.Co Bond st 1884 model 3, CW.C.Co German case?

    I am having some trouble identifying the origin of my watch case. It doesn't seem to match up with the American trademarks Chicago, Crescent, Keystone. The closest match is Halbmond hallmarks and I've not been able to find much about them. The case is also marked with the Ezra fitch patent on...
  6. Tipton444

    American Waltham Hillside Chronograph English Market? 14k?

    Hello all, I recently acquired this beautiful AWWCo Waltham pocket watch, and I'm hoping someone can help me with a few questions I have. This pocket watch has a serial number of 3161857, and according to the database it is a hillside movement that dates to 1886. I can't seem to find another...
  7. musicguy

    Anna L. Silveira San Francisco CA Research Thread (all watch companies)

    Anna L. Silveira San Francisco, CA Research Thread (all watch companies) .............Anna L. Silveira 1868-1931............ ...........Silveira Jewelry Palace.......... 76 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA USA Anna L. Silveira 1868 -1931 Born: Flores Island Portugal. an island of...
  8. M

    American Waltham Pocket Watch identification

    Hello friends. I have come across an old pocket watch. The original owners have passed and I have no stories on it to confirm it’s authenticity or age. Anyone have any clues?
  9. Ticktocktime100

    Silver cased Waltham masonic pocket watch, circa 1910

    Hi all, I’m mostly a clock enthusiast, but I also collect watches. I was very pleased to add this fine silver cased Waltham, with a flawless enamel dial depicting the Masonic symbols, to the horological family. Could anyone enlighten me regarding the history of this model, year of manufacture...
  10. C

    S. P. Bartley Boston Movement

    Hello Forum Community, I'm new at watch repair and collecting-less than a year for both, but I'm enjoying it so much. I recently inherited a large amount of clocks, watches, and pocket watches, and this one is among the items. I fellow watch enthusiast told me this is most likely a "fake"...
  11. B

    South Bend Size 12 Grade 407 Hairspring Replacement

    Good evening everyone, Newbie here. Please go easy on me. I’m fairly new to the watch collecting and repair scene. I think we all know where this is going. Long story short, I have destroyed my South Bends Hairspring and am having some real trouble finding even a parts movement to replace it...
  12. Y

    Waltham Premier 14/0 size Pendant Watch

    I have a Waltham Premier Pendant watch in a Sterling Silver case, with a 14/0 size (19.00 mm) movement and a sweep second hand. The serial number 32319, is described as an 18 size, key wind, movement dated, circa 1860, which it certainly is not. I've attached pictures of the watch and movement...
  13. B

    Replacing balance staff on a Waltham 1015 model 1900

    Hello - I have a Waltham 1015 model 1900 size 0s 15j with serial number 10174273. The balance staff is broken and needs replacing. Two questions: 1) Where can I find the part number for a new balance staff? 2) How can I determine if it is friction-fit or riveted? Thanks in advance. -Ben
  14. S

    Sharing (my first purchase)

    I am new to the hobby, never collected or repaired watches. Somehow, during quarantine go interested in the subject and made my first purchase. I tried to do my research and learn as much as i can by googling and reading the threads here. Spotted this guy on one of the estate auction. Got...
  15. topspin

    Waltham 1877/1879 "John St"

    According to the lookup ( NAWCC-Info ) there were 3 small runs made of Waltham grade "John St" - a KW run and a HC run of model 1877, and an OF run of model 1879. Anyone seen or got one? Any thoughts as to whereabouts in the world they are most likely to turn up?
  16. twostardave

    Authenticity of plastic crystals

    Hello everyone... I’m new to this forum and hope I’m posting correctly. I’m trying to ascertain whether a Vanguard 1908 circa 1928 would have originally had a glass or plastic crystal. I’ve been having trouble finding a definitive answer and it seems this community has quite a depth of...
  17. musicguy

    National American Railroad Pocket Watch Day April 18th

    I propose that our American Pocket Watch Forum creates a National Railroad Pocket Watch Day that would be on April 18th every year. This could give the people who are interested in Collecting Railroad Standard Watches or already own them a little more exposure. We could all wear one that day...
  18. J

    Waltham Model 1890 Setting/Winding mechanism Repair

    Hi all. I got a Waltham 1890 movement that can't switch between winding and setting. In the stem hole I couldn't see the rod that the stem pushes on and there was no spring action. I've been looking for a schematic on how this mechanism is supposed to work. I have several other 1890 mvmts...
  19. Nathan Moore

    American Waltham Watch Co. Photograph from Glass Negative

    I recently acquired a glass negative plate featuring an image of two men under a glass sign reading "American Waltham Watch Co. - Waltham, Mass." The window structures evident in the reflection of the sign appear to be similar to the Waltham factory windows. It is a bit of a long shot, but...
  20. musicguy

    Post your American made Chronographs

    There isn't a consolidated thread on this forum for just "American Made Chronographs ". Most of these Chronographs are 7 jewels but there are higher jeweled ones including a 10j and The New England Watch Co.model in 17j. There are also the Dan Patch Chronographs made by NYS and NEWC as well and...

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