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  1. Jerry Treiman

    A Possibly Unique Howard

    I can see that my earlier inquiry about a small group of "Special" Waltham 6/0 movements did not generate a lot of input, and admittedly it was a pretty narrow topic. (Waltham "Diamond"-grade movement (6/0 or Jewel Series - 1898 model). So why, you might ask, was Jerry interested in this small...
  2. Jerry Treiman

    Waltham-Howard research

    Now that I am retired from my day job I want to wrap up and publish the article on Waltham-Howard watches that I began many years ago with co-authors Carl Goetz, Art Leibold and the late Gene Fuller. We previously published research requests in the "Research Activity and News" column of the...
  3. M

    Waltham-Howard 12S, 21 jewel, Hunter

    Recently received this one and just got it back from my watchmaker. Howard Co Boston engraved on movement with serial number H816098. The dial was with the watch when I got it, is double sunk but no maker's name on it. Maybe original? I had the watch put into a 14k hunter case I had. The...
  4. Louis Christina

    12 Size Waltham Howard

    Jerry and I were talking about 12s Waltham Howard and he mentioned that most of the 12 size bridge model had the engraving re-done? I'm not sure what the others look like, but this is one that can be compared with, other known examples. I'm a big fan of the Waltham made Howards and thought I...
  5. Jerry Treiman

    A pair of seldom seen Waltham-Howards

    I just got my first consecutive serial number movement. I can't say much for the condition of either one, but I think their scarcity makes up for it. These two 21-jewel American Watch Co. grade bridge model movements - 1,025,042 & 1,025,043 were made by Waltham in the latter half of 1905 for...
  6. Jerry Treiman

    Waltham-Howard 16-size bridge models

    Waltham made some beautiful bridge model movements for their series of contracts with Howard. The 16-size bridge models are especially nice and were part of all three contracts that I have been able to infer. The first ones (1902-1904) had standard Waltham bridges with a circular damascening...
  7. Fred Hansen

    Waltham-Howard advertisements

    Thought I'd post photos here of a neat little 1907 booklet titled "The Newest Products of the Howard". This booklet advertises the "new" line of Howard named watches including the bridge model 23 jewel made by Waltham, the 3/4 plate 19 jewel made by Waltham, and two 3/4 plate 17 jewel models...
  8. Jerry Treiman

    Waltham 16-size split 3/4-plate

    Waltham had a very attractive split 3/4-plate design for their 1899/1908 16-size movement that I feel was rather neglected. It appears to have been first designed, and exclusively used, in their contract with the Keystone-owned E.Howard Watch Co. Whereas the higher-grade bridge model...

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