wall clock

  1. P

    Trying to identify my Grandfather's vintage clocks

    My grandfather passed away within the last year and I am helping my mother sell many of his collectibles. He was in Germany when he served during WW2. I only mention this because we've found many of the items to have a German connection & we have no German heritage. Here are the clocks & any...
  2. I

    Please help identify this clock.

    I was gifted this clock as a wedding present a long time ago. I know nothing about clocks or antique clocks but curiosity has gotten the better of me lately as to who manufactured this wall clock. There is a sticker on the back of it that says made in wurttemberg, that is the only identifying...
  3. Mathat

    Serial numbering of Reinhold Schnekenburger wall clocks

    I just bought a Reinhold Schnekenburger wall clock at an auction. I identified it by the rose and initials RSM next to and under the rose. I believe one can determine the year of manufacture by the serial number under the makers mark. The serial number is 52181 batch number 11. I hope somebody...
  4. C

    Similar HAC Chime issue

    I just purchased this wall clock for my father for Father’s Day. It was a gamble as the seller didn’t even know what they had, let alone what might be wrong with it. “Won’t keep time” was all they knew. I got it home and started looking at the movement (#36 is my guess?) and found that the...
  5. E

    Newly purchased big wall clock, without marks

    Hi everyone, This is my first post here. Appreciate any help from this community. Recently I got a very good looking big wall clock. I don't see any marks on the back of the clock movement. To me, the back plate looks very new and probably was replaced newly. I can not find any marks on the...
  6. R

    20th c Identifying this Wall Clock

    My Grandpa picked up this clock from Heidelberg, Germany in 1978. The German citizen he traded it with told him it was an antique. They couldn’t get Marlboro cigarettes in Germany and they were issued in my grandpas Army bag. He traded a couple cartons of cigarettes for it. I tried doing my own...
  7. A

    Sessions wall clock ID

    Iam looking for help in identifying the clock pictured below. I don't know what is original as this was how the clock was gifted to me. The story is that my granddad was an avid clock collector; a few months before I was born he passed away from cancer. While cleaning out the attic relatives...
  8. Ticktocktime100

    Austrian quarter-striking “picture frame” clock, circa 1820

    Hi all, I’ve always had a fondness for Austrian clocks, including the “picture frames”. I was fortunate enough to acquire this nice example of the latter at the beginning of the month, and just thought I’d share. Apparently all original and in very acceptable condition overall. The movement will...
  9. bobbynic

    Need Help Identifying Harfen-Gong Wall Clock

    Hello everyone, new member looking for some information on a wall clock that belongs to my father. Inside the wooden clock box the chime reads "Harfen-Gong GB" as well as "D.R.P" (see pictures). Behind the clock face it says "P42 D1 N 17165" and possibly a serial number of "2002207". Also one...
  10. K

    Trying to find value and age of my junghans grandfather wall clock

    looking For some help identifying the value and age of this clock
  11. K

    20th c Bulova wall clock

    My parents gave this clock to my grandparents I believe in the early 70s and it recently came back to us. It was stored on the basement for years and it looks like a battery leaked in it. I'm sure it's not valuable beyond the sentimental but am curious if anyone could tell me anything about...
  12. G

    Gerbrüder Resch clock running fast

    I have recently acquired a wall clock which did not work. Having become interested in Horology since the lockdown and worked on several wrist and pocket watches I thought I would have a go at the wall clock. I have stripped it cleaned and oiled it and replaced the catgut. It now ticks nicely...
  13. J

    Dating a Mauthe wall clock

    Hello fellow clock enthusiasts, I am thinking of acquiring a Mauthe wall clock and I'd like to know your estimates for when it was made, please? I only have this picture which doesn't say much except for the general style of the box, dial and hands and the Mauthe logo visible on the dial -...
  14. J

    Junghans wall clock with aftermarket hands

    Hello fellow clock enthusiasts, I acquired a beautiful-looking long Junghans wall clock that was supposedly in great shape. When I transported it home and set it on the wall I realized that the hands are most likely not original (they are too big and the minute hand was likely shortened by...
  15. THTanner

    Would like some help identifying this movement maker - time only weight driven

    The case on this clock looks Asian to me and the previous owners were stationed in the Philippines for many years, but there is no other history on the clock. The back of the case appears to have been strengthened with some sort of plaster but there are no markings on the case. It is missing...
  16. S

    Seth Thomas Wall Clock - ID help

    I picked up a Seth Thomas Wall Clock, from a local country store. From my own web research I think it is similar to a Seth Thomas Office #6 model case. I believe the movement is an 8 day time only. It is marked with the Seth Thomas logo, and the code 41Q. The clock is missing the pendulum...
  17. thdk

    clock found in my grandfathers storage

    Hi all, I don't know much of clocks myself but I found a nice wall clock in my grandfathers storage (after he passed away a few weeks ago :( ) I just liked the design and thought it would be nice in our house. At home I found out it's a mechanical clock and doesnt work on batteries. So I got...
  18. Jmeechie

    American IBM Simplex US Capitol Clock

    Hi all, Here’s an interesting clock I’ve been offered and am trying to figure out, what exactly this clock is! I realize it’s a Simplex 110v, but look at all the goodies inside, as well as the lights at the 4, 8, 12, 48, 52, 56 and top of the hour minutes? Supposedly this was in the US Capitol...
  19. C

    Telechron General Electric / Telechron 15 inch wall clock minute hand?

    Does anyone have an extra GE / Telechron 15 inch wall clock minute hand I could buy? Preferably GE style (like 1H1415, 1L1215, 1H1615). My 15" GE wall clock had the wrong minute hand installed (one for 12 inch clocks).
  20. C

    Postal Telegraph SI-15 (Hammond 341) Illuminated Wall Clock Restoration

    I completed restoration of a Postal Telegraph SI-15 (Hammond 341) Illuminated Wall Clock 15-inch glass illuminated metal case wall clock from around 1940. Clock was stripped of paint, de-rusted and repainted. The three chrome pieces were re-chromed by a professional chroming shop (the left...
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