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wall clock

  1. THTanner

    Would like some help identifying this movement maker - time only weight driven

    The case on this clock looks Asian to me and the previous owners were stationed in the Philippines for many years, but there is no other history on the clock. The back of the case appears to have been strengthened with some sort of plaster but there are no markings on the case. It is missing...
  2. S

    Seth Thomas Wall Clock - ID help

    I picked up a Seth Thomas Wall Clock, from a local country store. From my own web research I think it is similar to a Seth Thomas Office #6 model case. I believe the movement is an 8 day time only. It is marked with the Seth Thomas logo, and the code 41Q. The clock is missing the pendulum...
  3. thdk

    clock found in my grandfathers storage

    Hi all, I don't know much of clocks myself but I found a nice wall clock in my grandfathers storage (after he passed away a few weeks ago :( ) I just liked the design and thought it would be nice in our house. At home I found out it's a mechanical clock and doesnt work on batteries. So I got...
  4. Jmeechie

    American Simplex US Capitol Clock

    Hi all, Here’s an interesting clock I’ve been offered and am trying to figure out, what exactly this clock is! I realize it’s a Simplex 110v, but look at all the goodies inside, as well as the lights at the 4, 8, 12, 48, 52, 56 and top of the hour minutes? Supposedly this was in the US Capitol...
  5. C

    Telechron General Electric / Telechron 15 inch wall clock minute hand?

    Does anyone have an extra GE / Telechron 15 inch wall clock minute hand I could buy? Preferably GE style (like 1H1415, 1L1215, 1H1615). My 15" GE wall clock had the wrong minute hand installed (one for 12 inch clocks).
  6. C

    Postal Telegraph SI-15 (Hammond 341) Illuminated Wall Clock Restoration

    I completed restoration of a Postal Telegraph SI-15 (Hammond 341) Illuminated Wall Clock 15-inch glass illuminated metal case wall clock from around 1940. Clock was stripped of paint, de-rusted and repainted. The three chrome pieces were re-chromed by a professional chroming shop (the left...
  7. jdeisman

    Help Newbie 1930's SETH Thomas Spray repair help

    Hi there! I'm new to world of antique clock repair, but a friend of mine gave me their heirloom vintage 1930s Seth Thomas Spray electric wall clock to repair. It looks to me like the wires came unsoldered from wherever they were soldered to. The only problem is I have no idea where they...
  8. T

    Seth Thomas Battery Operated Wall Clock

    Have an older Seth Thomas battery operated (appears to be space for two 6 volt square batteries) wall clock and cannot get the wiring right to get it running. Could not find any other identifying marks on it without taking the back off. I know my father had it running but that was probably...
  9. L

    Please ID this Clock Vienna Regulator Clockworks "GP" identification

    I need help in identifying this apparently unique clockworks used in a Vienna regulator style clock Good hunting and thanks to all who help!
  10. Andrew G.

    Need help Id a wall clock.

    I've got this clock today. The case looks old, but movement looks very clean, I would even say "shiny" at some degree. My concern that it does not look old to me. There is no maker's trademark, no serial number. I hope posted pictures could give some clues. My guess, it is German made...
  11. O

    Gustav Becker two-weight wall clock

    I purchased this two-weight Gustav Becker this summer. Please see the attached images. Serial number is 1793673. The condition is not bad. The movement works well. The case is ok, except for the crown. But there are a few details missing. The dial, hands and weights are fine. The pendulum has...
  12. Just-in-time

    Is the clock by Blessing-Werke AG Company?

    Good day, I just bought this clock to clean up and resell. I have been searching the internet for clocks made by "BLESSING" I see a lot of alarm clocks and not much in the way of wall clocks. I see they ran a business from the mid 1800,s until 1977. The movement in this case is unmarked...
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