tiffany & co

  1. Alex_FI

    Tiffany & Co, New-York. Small movement, 23mm

    Hello! I recently became the owner of such a movement. Serial number 20218. I'm asking for help with determining the year of manufacture of the movement. Thanks! Alex
  2. R

    Help with Identification of Tiffany & Co. Watch

    Hello, any help ID'ing this Piece or helping Date or Ballpark Price Estimate would be Appreciated. Serial Numbers are Pictured, Looks to read: 1129651 .There is also an etching on the back reading: 63-7-HB (Might not be OG) . These appear to be the numbers but I could be off, take a look for...
  3. J.Newtime90

    Tiffany & Co. Can you help me identify the watch manufacturer?

    20 Jewels. Serial 5459 What the years? The disassembled watch is not this one but has exactly the same parts. Some expert people refer to the production of Phillip Patek, but there are nuances. How do you think?
  4. W

    Rare tiffany and co pocket watch. Possible Patek movement?

    Hi, i have searched so many books and can’t seem to find the movement I see in this pocket watch. It is tiffany and co signed. It has the Geneva seal inside stamped twice! Something only approved watch makers could obtain. Patek still uses this stamp today on their watches. It would have been...
  5. T

    Unsigned Movement in Tiffany case

    Hello, I’m having trouble finding information on this Tiffany & Co pocket watch. What I do know is that the case is called a hunters case and is 18k gold. It is a Pin set with a small button near the stem and crown. It has a white dial that says Tiffany & Co New York. Inside the case is...
  6. N

    Indentification/Information on multiple pocket watches (IWC, Ulysse Nardin, Tiffany & Co, Vacheron)

    Hey all! Earlier this year I inherited a large number of both wrist and pocket watches (though mostly pocket) from my late grandfather. The American ones have been easy enough to research (thank you but the non-American ones have been much harder to find. For now here...
  7. M

    Tiffany & Co. Robin type Lever Pocket Watch

    Hello all, Seeking any help to date this watch & ID the maker of the movement. It is an early Tiffany & Co., 0.935 Sterling double back open face case, numbered “561105” on inner/outer covers. Dial signed “Tiffany & Co., New York”. Outer cover signed, with 2 Swiss Sterling hallmarks and a 3rd...
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