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  1. M

    Things you find when you should be evacuating for a hurricane

    Whilst out and about getting supplies for hurricane Dorian, I decided to drop in to a well known chain thriftstore. lo and behold I find a round top grandfather clock in great shape case wise. I know it’s a marriage of clock and case but I knew it was for me. So after a brief conversation with...
  2. J

    Help to identify unknown long case grandfather clock

    Hello all, I'm surely new to the forum but not to clocks. I have quite an extensive collection specifically of french slate mantle clocks with a big handful of others. Anyway, I am completely new to the world of long case clocks and was thrilled to pick up this guy in need of some "restore to...
  3. J

    pickering tall case phila clock

    i inherited a tall case clock with with little info except it has joseph pickering and philadelphia on the face. i tried researching it at the phila public library but came up with little more than it is c.1820 any firther info would be appreciated.
  4. B

    Tall Case Clock Maker?

    I'm looking at a Tall Case Clock that is signed on the dial whatlooks to be Thos Heywood of Bangor. I can't seem to find any information on this maker. Can anyone help me? I have pics I can email. Don
  5. R

    Another Colonial Tall Clock

    I tried all the postings I could find and have not been able to identify a clock that I recently bought. Any help is appreciated. The back has the number 1370 stenciled in the upper right side. Below that toward the middle is 12 10 2 I think in chalk? The Winterhalder works is 8222. It has five...
  6. C

    Unknown tall case clock

    Hi John, and welcome. Just have a look at the top posting on the board - it tells you how to post pictures for free. Best, Charles
  7. P

    Waltham/Elliott Tall Case Clock

    Can you experts give me your opinion. In Trans book "Longcase and standing regulator clocks" clock #1050 page 451, Why is that clock listed at such a high value?? or is it possibly over valued in the book? and your opinion as to its desirability? Thanks Pen
  8. C

    Inlayed Wooden Works Tall Clock Info?

    Hi CJ, It certainly looks unusual. The movement looks to be a typical Black Forest one. The case has maybe a German look in style. My feeling is that maybe the case was home-made, with some mouldings and finials added, but it's just a feeling.... Hopefully someone will have seen one like this
  9. D

    Weights-Tin can weights for early tall clock.

    I have need of original tin can weights (about 14 lbs. each) Do you know of anyone who has any for sale or of anyone reproducing them? I would settle for good repros, but certainly would prefer originals.
  10. D

    German tall case clock

    MSWIN, That is not a lot of info to go on. I checked my records and can not find those markings. Is it possible to post a picture?
  11. LaBounty

    Tall clock with steel works

    Hi K.Watters- A picture would help identify your clock. And I'm assuming you mean steel plates with brass inserts for pivots (bushings) instead of brass inserts for the pinions. Brass pinions with steel plates really would be unusual! Looking forward to a picture, David.
  12. T

    birdcage tall case clock

    I have a tall case clock, birdcage movement with a single chain, single weight running both the time and strike trains, 30 hr. and a 10 1/2 in. square dial marked Martin Pittin - does anyone have any information about him. Since there is a thistle design engraved on the face, I was thinking...

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