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  1. N

    Watch Help Burlington 14s 21-jewel pocket watch Swiss movement (Canada) parts

    My local watch repair man has tried and failed to repair my grandfather's Burlington (sn 1727650) citing a worn crown gear and no source for a replacement part. Being a Swiss made model he tells me a replacement movement would have to be from this same model. It has an American case and a Swiss...
  2. D

    Found this old pocket watch…

    Hey all! While going through some old family belongs I came across this pocket watch and from researching online cannot figure out what watch it is. I’ve found almost identical ones from different brands so this one strucks me as really weird. If you look at the pictures it says IWC on the...
  3. Alex KVASHIN

    Hour Lavigne

    Hello All, I could not pass this incradible clock in Atmos style. Just broght this guy home and I am very excited! Sides: 1)Clock, 2)Calendar with moon phases, month, date, day 3)Weather engine (barometer, termometer, higrometer) 4) time zones ring (rotating plate), 5) compass on top. Rotating...
  4. M

    Need help identifying a Swiss watch, and have questions about restoration

    Hello all, I want to start by saying I don't know anything about watches whatsoever, so please bear with me on that. I found this watch in a shop full of old trinkets and artifacts etc. and I was drawn to it for some reason. There's something very pretty about it despite its condition. I would...
  5. woodyhardigan

    White Star Watches.

    Hello everyone. I'm a young fella, new to this forum that just got into watch collecting/horology recently after inheriting my grandfather's modest collection of Swiss Watches. While researching online for some vintages, I came across this obscure company called White Star, that is...
  6. A

    Lucerne Table Clock

    Hello everyone! My father has had this clock for many years and has been unsuccessful in finding out any information on it. I thought I would try to help! The clock appears to be brass, looks to have a signature by “A. Burger” in the bottom left corner, “Lucerne” in the bottom right corner, and...
  7. Sooth

    Rose & Son London - Early Verge Fusee Watch (1st watch)

    Hi everyone, I've been a clock collector for many years and recently got interested in acquiring an early key wind fusee watch. I don't really have a lot of experience with watches, but I do have a lot of patience and I'm in no rush with this particular little project. I found this one online...
  8. G

    Help dating a wittnauer

    Hello all! Very new to watches and even newer to the forum! I was given this watch by my grandmother who passed away. I’d love to know when it was manufactured, if anyone can help! Thanks so much!
  9. C

    Help indentifying clockmaker

    Hello! I bought this incredible musical painting clock with a Nicole Freres music box from between 1820/30, but the clock movement has no marks on it except for I believe are some serial numbers. What do you think? I would appreciate if you could share to me some of your knowledge! I need to...
  10. D

    Maroin Watch Co. R.R. Special Movement

    Any info about this movement would be appreciated. I've inherited a bunch of antique watch parts/accessories and would like to learn more about them to determine if anything would be of interest to a collector.
  11. F

    New Haven Watch Company - Pocket Watch

    Hello Community, I just received this pocket watch as a family heirloom and I know less than nothing about pocket watches. If anyone would be able to give me any details on this watch that would be extremely appreciated! Fspencer
  12. W

    $ Swiss Watch CIRCA 1903 indentification

    I inherited a Swiss Pocket watch from my grandfather. The movement is a Mignon Watch Comp 7 jewel. Other have told me this about the company: "Mignon Watch Comp., was a brand owned by A. Huguenin & Fils, SA located in Le Locle & Bien, Switzerland thru the early 1900's. I believe Mignon watches...
  13. F

    Help with identification please!?

    Hello! I am new to this forum business so please bare with any errors... I was given this watch by my grandfather. He said it doesn’t work and he doesn’t want it anymore as he will never wear it, but it is 18ct gold and thought I could get some money for it (I work as a goldsmith). It is indeed...
  14. FreetzGrün

    Unknown Suisse Poincons de Maîre for Gruen; "JP"

    Hi, I have learned a lot about this watch from very knowledgeable members at vintage Gruen forum. Everything *except* who manufactured this case for United Watch....a Gruen subsidiary. Please, does anyone recognize this punch: JP? Thank you!
  15. J

    Unknown maker cylinder escapement help

    Hi I recently purchased a pocket watch and wondered if anybody could help identify the maker. I have done research and found so far that it has a Swiss style escape but not sure if the rest is Swiss made. There are no makers marks as such just some scratchings in the rear of the case as shown...
  16. A

    1800s Swiss pocket watch

    As many others were led here, I too have a family heirloom that I’d like to try and find out a bit more on. I’ve been enjoying reading through the posts and the well cultivated encyclopedia and learning what I can, but I’d certainly appreciate any insight members might have to illuminate the...
  17. I

    Cyma Gold Plated 1910' / 1920'. NEED INFORMATION

    HELLO FOLKS! Recently my Grandfather gave me his father's pocket watch, gold plated Cyma. He said it's from around 1910/1920. I really want to know as much as possible about this watch, because it is a family's little treasure, and it has loong history. Hope You guys can help me :) !
  18. Ryan Coleman

    Swiss Chronograph Identification

    I was wondering if anyone could give me any information on this pocket watch movement. I received it from a friend who also collects and works on pocket watches, but neither of us dabble with much other than American watches. This watch seems to be a low grade chronograph, only the balance is...
  19. annecz

    Heavy little "Angelus" treasure from my grandfather

    Hi there, my name is Anne and this Angelus Clock is a heritage. I couldn't find any information about the company or the age. Found similar (but not identical) Angelus clocks which where dated 50ies/60ies. Number of the bottom is 1003. Its more than 2,2 pounds. Measures: 9,5x13,5 cm The...
  20. D

    Assistance needed in possible ID, dating and classification of this Swiss pocket watch

    Good Afternoon! I am excited about my very first post to the board - as I am a complete novice in this arena of collecting, so please forgive my 'green'-ness. This watch started my interest in collecting watches as I was simply struck by its beauty and its complicated movement. I use the word...

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