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  1. Z

    Replacing Suspension Spring Ansonia Kitchen Clock

    Hi, Could someone tell me how to replace a suspension spring on a Ansonia clock, looks like a friction fit to the suspension rod but not sure, also where is a supplier for one was ordering from Larose till they closed so looking for another good supplier if someone can recommend <a...
  2. DC Kelley

    Suspension springs, Kundo impulse clocks

    How do I size the suspension spring for an early 1960's Kundo electric impulse clock? I have recently obtained two of these, one with the 6-jewel movement, one with the later (cheaper) no jewel movement and both need new springs One is torn, producing tremendous lateral movements in the...
  3. M

    400 Day Suspension Assembly Fixture

    I picked up one of these when I bought a bunch of tools. I was just wondering if anyone knows where I can get a manual or could explain how to use it. Ethan
  4. Chris Radano

    How to replace suspension spring

    Happy New Year to all! Pictured is a pendulum rod from a Waterbury hanging long drop clock. The spring is broken. It appears that to replace the spring, the top of the rod needs to be straightened, the bit of the broken spring removed, new spring inserted, the rod bent to original shape. What...
  5. D

    Suspension spring bottom block too thick

    Hello all, I have what is hopefully a fairly simple question for those of you adept at metal working (which I am admittedly not). I am repairing the movement of an English long case clock. The clock had suffered some damage and one of the casualties was the suspension spring, in fact the owner...
  6. D

    Old English Suspension Spring - Rita casualty!

    Hi all, I would welcome any advice on a job that came into my shop earlier today. My customer has two 1700s English tall case clocks, both quite beautiful. They were relocating them to a safer place in their home before Rita blew in and... well I'm sure you can guess the rest. One of them...
  7. G

    Measuring 400 Day Clock Suspension Springs

    Hello: I have a group of Horolovar unmarked/untagged suspension springs. I would appreciate any comments, suggestions or advice as to the best way to measure these. Length is obvious of course, and the book is great. Thickness and width? Is what I am speaking of. Many Thanks, Gary G
  8. C

    suspension spring mounting holes

    hi all, I have read many times here that there are no stupid questions for help, so here goes; The white metal which the suspension springs are made of now is so hard, it is difficult to ream the pin holes for installing without destroying the unit. If not held tight enough-the unit will twist...
  9. V

    Japy Frere clock pendulum suspension

    What material should be used for pendulum suspension on the Japy Freres (Medaille DOR #1619). The suspension post has two holes which currently has fishing-line through the holes establishing a loop below the post for attaching the pendulum. The pendulum has a hook on the top for attaching to...
  10. Jim_Miller

    gilbert/Grandfather suspension spring

    I have been working on a Gilbert movement from a Colonial Grandfathers clock, it is a time and strike and i've had to do a massive cleaning and rebush. the problem I'm having now is trying to get it into beat. i had to make a new suspension spring (3 in fact) and I'm at the point that it runs...
  11. LaBounty

    Suspension spring for Waterbury Open Escapement

    Hi Gary- If this clock has the rate adjuster on the front, and therefore the double chops for the suspension spring, then you can slow the clock down by opening up the lower chops a bit. This will allow the suspension spring to vibrate more between the chops, giving the pendulum more travel...
  12. J

    Niagra suspension help needed

    Howdy All: I have a "Niagra" brand battery powered torsion pendulum clock. It hasn't run for years as the suspension spring is an improper replacement and the clock runs way too fast. The previous owner used a regular 400 day suspension spring but it needs replacing. The clock runs way too...
  13. R

    Kundo suspension spring

    I need to order a torsion spring for a kundo anniversary style clock circa 1975 +/-. In the LaRose catalog, they are ID'd by model #, but I don ot see a model # on the movement. The movement reads: Cuckco clock mfg. Co., West Germany, No (0) Jewels. The clock is the smaller size the spring...

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