suspension spring

  1. T

    Suspension spring for emperor mantle clock.. hermle 341-020

    Need help finding the right suspension spring for an emperor mantle clock with hermle 341-020 movement. I inherited this clock from my grandfather, but it is missing the suspension spring and I am not sure which one to buy. Any help would be appreciated. This particular clock has a shorter...
  2. C

    Suspension spring bend Seth Thomas 89 AD

    I am new to clock repair and my first project is a Seth Thomas 89 AD from about 1920? The clock would not stay running for more than 100 seconds when I got it so I decided that a good first step was cleaning. (There were literally bugs in the movement when I got it.) Anyway, I am now about to...
  3. acugnini

    Substituting Pendulum Parts on Ansonia Tall Case Clock

    Trying to find (replace) a missing pendulum and leader (suspension spring) from an Ansonia tall-case clock. The Pendulum post is mounted on the inside back of the hood, and the distance from the post to the crutch loop is 6-1/2". The post is the split-post type, that had once held the...
  4. pgram

    My Suspension Spring Tool

    Hi All, A few days ago, I was trying to move a bit the fork on a suspension spring. The screws holding it to the wire were very tight, my hand slipped, and I destroyed the wire... So, while waiting for a replacement spring to arrive (I had a dozen handy, but NOT the correct size) I decided to...
  5. C

    Unknown Horse Pendulum Clock

    Hi all, I acquired this clock with several others from a collection that I bought. The clock seems to be in great condition for the most part and is mostly complete. I believe it is a unique piece and may even be a collector item. It does need to be cleaned and serviced - a lot of the chain...
  6. J

    Suspension spring length

    I have been working on, what appears to be a Kundo standard 55 (Based on Horolovar book). Plate photo included. According to the book, this uses suspension spring configuration 3C. I lined up all the parts on the new spring with the diagram in the book, and they match up. However, when I...

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