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  1. O

    Help! I released the crown of a watch without 'easing' the spring down

    In other words, the watch spring had some power left and I released the crown. I realize now that this might be incorrect as the watch has stopped running. It is a 17 j. Brevet. I really like the watch and hope that all hope is not lost but as I am attempting to teach myself I suppose these...
  2. C

    spring barrel needed

    I have a German box clock, time and strike that has spring barels with the wheels rotating in a groove in the barrel to latch. The time side barrel is missing 4 teeth and the rim is a little narrow for a normal tooth replacement. A previous repairer solderd a group of teeth onto the wheel and...
  3. neighmond

    Peerless Spring Wire

    Call Schaff & Co. and Get some Piano (music) Wire- it's the best thing for a multitude of things Chaz Every man must have a purpose to strive for A cause to fight for A dream to live for Because A man without a dream is dead.
  4. N

    Main Spring Source needed

    Need a contact or source of unusual sized main spring: 24.0mm x 0.55mm x 2100mm Hole End. Clock is probably of french origin. Time savers has 22.2mm x 0.46mm x 2137mm. Would this suffice? Thanks for your time! Mike
  5. Jim_Miller

    gilbert/Grandfather suspension spring

    I have been working on a Gilbert movement from a Colonial Grandfathers clock, it is a time and strike and i've had to do a massive cleaning and rebush. the problem I'm having now is trying to get it into beat. i had to make a new suspension spring (3 in fact) and I'm at the point that it runs...
  6. LaBounty

    Suspension spring for Waterbury Open Escapement

    Hi Gary- If this clock has the rate adjuster on the front, and therefore the double chops for the suspension spring, then you can slow the clock down by opening up the lower chops a bit. This will allow the suspension spring to vibrate more between the chops, giving the pendulum more travel...
  7. P


    Hello, I have to put a replacement spring into the timeside barrel of a Seth Thomas 48R movement. I'm not sure how to proceed. The winding arbor and the first wheel are pressure fitted together. Therefore, I do not know how to fit the keeper over the spring in such a way as to fit it into the...
  8. R

    Kundo suspension spring

    I need to order a torsion spring for a kundo anniversary style clock circa 1975 +/-. In the LaRose catalog, they are ID'd by model #, but I don ot see a model # on the movement. The movement reads: Cuckco clock mfg. Co., West Germany, No (0) Jewels. The clock is the smaller size the spring...

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