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  1. C

    Home made main spring winder

    Hello. I was inspired by the home made winders I've seen on here and as I was doing my first restoration on a Mantel clock (yes I'm a newbie). I thought I would have a go at making one. The wood was Mahogany from and old fireplace a friend was throwing out (nice grain). I did fit a hook/latch...
  2. L

    Need Help to ID movement

    I'm new to this forum and was wondering if this is the right place for help. Came upon this 400 day clock recently, and need help to identify the movement in order to obtain parts. The back is marked as Kienniser Obergfell. No real distinctive numbers. The tension spring is broke, and the...
  3. M

    What spring sleeve are usually needed for Hermle spring barrels?

    I may have a source for individual spring sleeves (I will share if it works out) and I am going to start with some Hermle movements. I am building a spring winder, and have not yet pulled the movement apart. If someone here happens to know off the tops of their heads what sizes I might need...
  4. Dugald McIntosh

    Please ID this Clock German Please ID this Gong

    This gong has 8 chime rods and comes from an unbranded German granddaughter clock with Westminster chimes. It appears to have something badly stamped into the metal, which I cannot read. I am hoping it would help identify the movement, pictures attached. I have been told the movement it looks...
  5. JenkoRun

    Clock Open Looking for clock leader and spring for Smith mantel clock

    I recently bought this little beauty from an antique shop, it's missing a leader and the suspension spring has been torn off, below are pictures of the clock, momevent, and the pendulum I'm using with it: I've been having trouble finding the last 2 parts I need online, if anyone knows a source...
  6. B

    Cuckoo Mystery spring

    Cleaning a working 2-weight regula 25 cuckoo. Almost back together and along comes this short stout little conical spring. I have no idea where it goes. Not even sure it goes to this clock! Any thoughts?
  7. Z

    Replacing Suspension Spring Ansonia Kitchen Clock

    Hi, Could someone tell me how to replace a suspension spring on a Ansonia clock, looks like a friction fit to the suspension rod but not sure, also where is a supplier for one was ordering from Larose till they closed so looking for another good supplier if someone can recommend <a...
  8. D

    Spring keeps disconnecting from barrel stud.

    I have been trying to put a new spring in the chime barrel on a 5 bell sonora. I can get the spring into the barrel and can see that the hole end is connected to the "catch" on the rim of the barrel. (a very hard chore) I then reassemble the movement and the barrel will wind most of the way and...
  9. Jeremy Woodoff

    Brass spring repair

    I have an alarm movement from a Brewster & Ingrahams steeple clock. The alarm still has its original brass mainspring, but it is broken about one inch from the outer end. The outer end of the spring is looped around a movement arbor. The spring is about 3/16-inch wide. I can think of two...
  10. Scottie-TX

    Broken spring inside a case

    "Early 1990s"? Hmmmmmmm. Anyways. I have several miniature clamps here that I use to clamp the leaves during removal. Removal I find is just a delicate coaxing once the screws are removed. The clamp prevents full expansion altho there may be a slight further excursion anyway. Once removed...
  11. Joe Jones

    Seth Thomas strike spring

    Hello All, Perhaps someone can tell me from experience. I have a Seth Thomas eight-day half-hour striking mantle clock that needs a strike spring. The movement is round, plates are 3 5/8 inches diameter, cut out. Striking is count wheel on the back plate. Plates are held together by screws...
  12. ClockMichel

    Precision spring suspensions ?

    Hello , which could say to me if the stainless steel suspensions are better than the suspensions bronzes some for the good precision of walk ? Thank you for futures reponses And best regards from France Michel
  13. bangster

    teeny flat spring stock

    Where might I get a piece of spring steel about 1/32 inch wide as as thick as two pieces of paper. I think I'm into something over my head, given unsteadyness of hand. It's a pretty little German made Westclox alarm clock. Not much bigger than a pocket watch. Little bitty parts in that...
  14. Chris Radano

    How to replace suspension spring

    Happy New Year to all! Pictured is a pendulum rod from a Waterbury hanging long drop clock. The spring is broken. It appears that to replace the spring, the top of the rod needs to be straightened, the bit of the broken spring removed, new spring inserted, the rod bent to original shape. What...
  15. W

    American PW Elgin 571 Click Spring

    Does anyone have - or know where I can find - a drawing for a 16s Elgin 571 click spring?
  16. D

    Suspension spring bottom block too thick

    Hello all, I have what is hopefully a fairly simple question for those of you adept at metal working (which I am admittedly not). I am repairing the movement of an English long case clock. The clock had suffered some damage and one of the casualties was the suspension spring, in fact the owner...
  17. D

    Old English Suspension Spring - Rita casualty!

    Hi all, I would welcome any advice on a job that came into my shop earlier today. My customer has two 1700s English tall case clocks, both quite beautiful. They were relocating them to a safer place in their home before Rita blew in and... well I'm sure you can guess the rest. One of them...
  18. R

    a cuckoo clock movement with a suppring spring

    :confused: whille a buddy sent me a couple a old clock movements i have one here in stade of just haveing a wire pendluim hanger, this has a post that has a small supping spring block then it has the verge wire that slips,in to the wire of the pendlium . the pendluim it self its a wire with...
  19. C

    suspension spring mounting holes

    hi all, I have read many times here that there are no stupid questions for help, so here goes; The white metal which the suspension springs are made of now is so hard, it is difficult to ream the pin holes for installing without destroying the unit. If not held tight enough-the unit will twist...
  20. Billy

    Barrel spring sizing

    Hi all, I'm working on a Schatz 400 day clock, #53. Mainspring is ka-blooee. So, after measuring and all, I look for a replacement. The spring I come up with is 1/2 x .015 x 36 with B dia. of 25mm. My spring size is 1/2 x .015 x 38 with Bdia. of 30mm. Not having a lot of experience sizing...

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