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  1. Ticktocktime100

    Silver cased Waltham masonic pocket watch, circa 1910

    Hi all, I’m mostly a clock enthusiast, but I also collect watches. I was very pleased to add this fine silver cased Waltham, with a flawless enamel dial depicting the Masonic symbols, to the horological family. Could anyone enlighten me regarding the history of this model, year of manufacture...
  2. T

    Silver Verge Fusee Clock

    Hi , I am looking for description and information and about this incredible silver verge fusee clock . Who made it ? and which year was made ? It seems to be an alarm watch because the dial has 4 holes , but I don't know what each hole is used for ? This clock was belong to a military and royal...
  3. C

    $ Coin Silver Pocket Watch Identification

    I recently was presented with a couple of pocket watches that belonged to my grandfather. One of the pieces has no manufacturing name but a few interesting markings plus an engraving on the inner case. I am just looking to identify this so that I can do more research about its age, lineage...
  4. musicguy

    Ball Spoon BLE (Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and trainmen)

    I saw this official B. of L. E. souvenir Ball Watch Co Sterling Spoon Ephemera on eBay with a few minutes left and I put the one and only bid on it. I'm not a spoon collector but this one is nice. (I used photos with permission) This full size (5-7/8”) Sterling Silver Ball Watch Company...
  5. V

    Other Diana the Huntress Silver Pocket Watch

    I am looking for a silver tone wind up pocket watch, full hunter case. It depicts Diana the Huntress with bow and hounds on the outer cover. It was my first pocket watch I ever owned (now I have a collection) was given to me as a present with my full name engraved inside. It was stolen out of...
  6. V

    Diana the huntress silver tone pocket watch replacement - stolen

    My first pocket watch I ever owned (now I have a collection) was given to me as a present when I was a teenager with my full name engraved inside. It was stolen out of my coat in SLC, Utah. I've always looked for it every since. It's a full hunter pocket watch, I don't remember the brand, but...
  7. D

    Substitute for silver contact

    Woould a copper, brass, or aluminum rod be a suitable substitute for the silver pin contact on a Bulle click? Dick
  8. J

    German silver pocket watch, would like to know more.

    Hi. I just registered on this board. =) I recieved a pocket watch yesterday, from my late grandfather. He got it from his father. it looks alot like this one: http://cgi.benl.ebay.be/Keywind-pocketwatch-classic-ant...tem#ebayphotohosting but it does not have the 'nazi-style' numericals. It...
  9. doug sinclair

    silver dial

    All, Several of us were at an antiques show and sale today. Each of us picked up a treasure. Me- books. The other two- watches. The one watch is a nice 14-karat yellow gold Eatons 1/4 Century Rolex, 6-position pocket watch. The dial was a very tarnished bronze color, even after we scrapped the...
  10. B

    Coin silver vs Sterling

    Hi, What is the differnce between American watch cases marked "coin silver" and "sterling"? In the 1870's when these case were sold, what was the relative differnce in price? Thanks Barry

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