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seth thomas

  1. captainclock

    Seth Thomas Leader No. 1 Mantle Clock Info Needed

    Greetings everyone, a few years back I bought from a local fleamarket an old Seth Thomas Mantle Clock, that according to the original sticker on the bottom is called the "Leader No. 1" which when I first got it it was missing the original bezel glass and the bezel hinge had come unsoldered, and...
  2. S

    Seth Thomas Wall Clock - ID help

    I picked up a Seth Thomas Wall Clock, from a local country store. From my own web research I think it is similar to a Seth Thomas Office #6 model case. I believe the movement is an 8 day time only. It is marked with the Seth Thomas logo, and the code 41Q. The clock is missing the pendulum...
  3. M

    Help Requesting guidance for disassembly, cleaning, reassambly, and lubricating

    Hello I am John from Colorado, and I am still very new to all of this. I have typical basic tools, although it looks like I could use a standard flat blade screwdriver that has been sharpened to help with some abnormally narrow screw slots. What do you all use for screws that are relatively...
  4. captainclock

    Help Early 1860s Seth Thomas Column and Cornice Clock

    Hello, recently I had acquired from my Great-Grandfather's house while helping to clean it out, an early 1860s maybe late 1850s Seth Thomas Column and Cornice clock that when I got it it was falling apart (the case not the movement), and was missing the original winding crank and pendulum bob...
  5. BrenThere

    Seth Thomas Needs A Face!

    Hi All, This is my first post, but I have been reading the forums for about a month now. Great resource— I’ve found answers to a ton of questions I’ve had. I have recently acquired this Seth Thomas mantle clock and it is desperately in need of a dial. I’ve dug through the forum posts in search...
  6. M

    Help Moon gear misaligned on Seth Thomas grandfather clock?

    Here is more on my saga of the $25 clock. I replaced the movement, and it was working well, but after a little more than 24 hours it stopped. There was a lot of resistance on the minute hand. Took off the face and moon dial and it ran fine. My best guess is that there is a misalignment on...
  7. M

    Help Replacement movement shifted pendulum into chimes

    My wife picked up a used Seth Thomas grandfather clock for $25. Clock worked, but not the chimes. We reached an agreement that if we bought a new movement for it, I could take apart the old one, clean it, and see if we could get it working again. I talked with clockworks and gave them the...
  8. M

    Help Good preliminary cleaning of grandfather clock movement?

    My wife picked up a Seth Thomas grandfather clock with weights and chains for $25. It keeps time, but the chimes do not work. I would like to do a good basic preliminary cleaning and oiling on it to get some idea of how good or bad the movement's condition might be. I know the best thing would...
  9. M

    Seth Thomas Mantel; How does it work?!

    I found an old Seth Thomas Mantel Clock, the only markings on it I can find are 89AL. I have 2 different issues with it; first is the strike. The hammer lifts fine but I cant get the lever to lift and lower into the slot correctly. it will either stop after one strike or it will continue...
  10. J

    Identify Seth Thomas model?

    What is model of this round Seth Thomas movement? Count wheel on rear, loop end springs. I can't find any identifying marks on the movement.
  11. sylvester12

    Clock Seth Thomas 8 Day Wooden Movement

    Hi I'm looking for a Seth Thomas 8 day wooden movement for a double door pillar and splat. If it needs a few gears repaired I can take care of it. Thanks Steven
  12. H

    Help Seth Thomas Brass Ship's Clock internal bell

    For years, I've wound both the bell and spring mechanisms. I wind until the key no longer turns. Last Saturday, I wound both, and the clock stopped working. I took the face off for a quick look, and the key turns, but only clicks without resistance. I will look for repair in St. Louis, and not...
  13. J

    My ST Regulator 2 for the pandemic

    I found a Craigslist project to stave off pandemic cabin fever. The story, according to the seller is that it was a school clock from New York (city? state? public? private?), one of two that the seller's father picked up in the late 60s. Supposedly it's been in storage since then as the other...
  14. bchen100

    Identifying a Seth Thomas Clock

    Enclosed are photos of a Seth Thomas Clock I just acquired. The label seems to identify it as made around 1921 but the rear of the clock has a number printed on it - 6881F which seems to be a reverse year code meaning June 1886, and doesn't seem to match the label dating, unless I am mistaken. I...
  15. musicguy

    Post some Seth Thomas Watches

    I have recently acquired a 3/4 plate, model 3, Seth Thomas, 18 size, 15 jewel, Adjusted, lever set, with micro regulator(maybe a Reed variant) circa 1888 (if someone has a more accurate year let me know). It has a low serial number of 11,760. It's cased in its original very heavy(and thick) coin...
  16. T

    Seth Thomas Battery Operated Wall Clock

    Have an older Seth Thomas battery operated (appears to be space for two 6 volt square batteries) wall clock and cannot get the wiring right to get it running. Could not find any other identifying marks on it without taking the back off. I know my father had it running but that was probably...
  17. M

    Mystery Clock looking for information

    Hello everyone! New to the forum here! I have been collecting clocks for a few years now and am a big fan of early 20th century Seth Thomas clocks. I just purchased this mystery clock at an estate sale and was quite mystified by its movement. It is a hybrid movement with a motor and pendulum...
  18. CameraGuy32

    New Guy Alert

    Hi all. I've been lurking here for a few months, and it's time to join in the fun. I'm a newly retired machinist after 45 years in the trade. I've always had an interest in mechanical clock repair and restoration. I live in Thomaston, Ct, which is where Seth Thomas set up shop, so my main...
  19. Lequeb

    Faux mercury pendulum vs real mercury pendulum

    Hi, How can I know if my clock have a mercury filled pendulum, or a faux mercury pendulum? It's a Seth Thomas. There's a 5 on the back plate, center down.
  20. bikerclockguy

    City Series?

    I just purchased this clock at an auction. I only bought it for the dial, as I needed it for my Seth Thomas Milan.I did my dial swap, but I'm curious as to what model this one is. It has the same 119 round movement and same style pedestal gong as the Milan does; that and the style of the dial ad...
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