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    Vintage Girard-Perregaux ID

    I've just had a vintage GP watch completely restored but am sorely short on its background and provenance. I think it's from the 1950's. It looks like the caliber maybe 47 BF 648, but not sure what that means? In-house movement? I can't find the serial number, only the number inside the case...
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    Identifying Vintage Wittnauer Watch

    I'm trying desperately to get more information on this watch from my grandfather. Various forums state that the serial number is marked on the movement. However I can't find one, only a number stamped inside the case. Any information - re., serial number, the movement, ~ date, etc. would be...
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    Bardon Bardon Electro-magnetic, dates and serial numbers.

    Does anyone know the number and dates of the Bardon Electro-magnetic clocks produced? I understand that the earliest advertisement for the clocks was 1923. I have a crystal regulator with the serial no. 662. What is the highest Ser. No., known to date? Any information would be appreciated.

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