1. Elgin_Galaxie

    Watch Please Help! Looking for a Seiko 8F56-0021 Perpetual Calendar Movement!

    I was browsing eBay a few days ago an came across this gorgeous Seiko watch with a Perpetual Calendar. I had never seen one, and fell in love instantly. It was listed "For Parts or Repair" so I figured my mentor wouldn't have an issue getting it going again for me. It looked near mint and the...
  2. M

    Seiko 6602B Oiling Points Schematic

    I'm in the process of reassembling a Seiko 6602B movement and wondered if anyone had the oiling points schematic they could share please. This along with which oils to use where would be massively useful as i've not worked on this movement before. Thanks in advance.
  3. gulfcoastclockco

    Seiko Magic Motion HELP!

    Have this seiko qxm109zrh in my shop for repair. Customer had already ripped out corroded battery boxes, but failed to mark or denote wire schematic. Has orange, yellow, red, black, and 4 C cells. Was hoping that someone has an original, and could possibly pop the back off for some pictures...
  4. Ron751

    Seiko Kinetic Available !

    FREE ! I have a Seiko Kinetic watch 5M42-Oe39. I purchased it new in 1999. Never used it much..suddenly now it won’t charge properly. Case & band are in Excellent condition…… Free to the first person to claim it - PM me ONLY - don’t respond here ! Ron MINE Sample from Web photo
  5. Elgin_Galaxie

    L4- Timer Parts from a Seiko QQA144C Clock/Timer

    Hello Everyone! I bought this neat vintage Seiko Clock/Timer Model QQA144C from a yard sale today for $2. I got home and popped some batteries in, and it doesn't work at all. I don't mind the clock not working, but the timer not working was a complete disappointment. I was wondering if any of...
  6. W


    I am not familiar with your particular watch. I am a huge Seiko and Citizen fan and I buy all of my watches on I bet they would be able to assist you in some way.
  7. P


    Hi, Here in the UK the best person to talk to is "Toshi" at K.K.H. Services, Telephone 01483 533 702 e-mail Website If he hasn't got it he will know if it's availiable. Peter
  8. S

    Seiko Coutura Bracelet resizing?

    Hi, I just purchased a Seiko Coutura watch, and I'm unable to bring it to a service center to have the bracelet resized. I'm hoping someone here can help instruct me on the proper way to remove the links in the bracelet before I attempt it on my own. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  9. R

    Does Seiko still make mechanical chronos?

  10. L

    Seiko Kinetics

    No matter how well I clean the drive train I find that many of the Seiko kinetics on reassembly continues to have the gear "clip-clop" sounds, audible on a telephone pick-up speaker (bought at radio shack). I suspect the sweep wheel pinion is spinning with the metal bushing (they should've...
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