1. B

    What is the name of these flat brass wires and where can I get them?

    Hi I’m restoring a clock and these wires that held a thermometer on a brass plate broke from being brittle. I can’t seem to find anything quite like these and a little stumped. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  2. T

    Function Ridgeway 322 chime rods broken and can't find replacement

    Hi, new here. My 1990 Ridgeway 322 chime rod just broke, and the screw part is damaged to the point that I can not remove it. What do I do? I looked for a few hours trying to find a replacement but I cannot find anything. It is the longest rod in the Westminster melody.
  3. G

    Watchmaker In Indiana

    If I am posting incorrectly, please let me know, I’m just starting to look around and learn. I’m looking for a watchmaker in my area, generally central Indiana. I’m getting a bit lost in the shear volume of different subjects and am looking for someone I can ask for guidance about pocket...
  4. B

    What type of wire should you use on a Peerless GF clock

    Hi I have a Peerless grandfather clock that needs new wire for the weights but I don’t know what to get. it has steel braided wire but it’s on a brass cylinder and worred about it wearing out the channels.the current wire is 1.20mm thick and the weights are 7.7lb and 14.0. Would that amount of...
  5. B

    Looking for replacement Seth Thomas Sonora chime bezel

    Hi I’ve been looking for a replacement bezel for this Seth Thomas Sonora chime clock if anyone has one they would like to sell please let me know. Any help is greatly appreciated. thanks
  6. Guido_Fe

    Cuckoo Cuckoo door not fully opening

    Hello, I'm trying to fix an old cuckoo clock (just time and cuckoo weights). It works perfectly, except for the cuckoo door that opens only at 45°, not 90°. It closes without problems. I found some info in this old thread, but without pictures I don't understand what wire they were referring to...
  7. C

    Help on disassembling butterfly clasp

    Hello everyone, new member here. So I'm using a Tissot titanium chronograph with a butterfly clasp holding the bracelet. Lately, the clasp would undo itself while I'm wearing it. Upon inspecting it, I suspect the problem is either the button's spring became weak, or the small rods inside got...
  8. whph_4evr

    Where can I purchase a removable link screw for my Casio MDV-301D's bracelet? (preferably Aliexpress or simillar chinese website)

    Removable link screw specifications: length: 19mm diameter: 1mm
  9. D

    Cuckoo Regula cuckoo clock - Hour Hand very intermittent

    Hi, I have a 1950's German Cuckoo clock i'm restoring. This is my first Cuckoo. I've refirbished the movement. It basically just needed a really good cleaning. I place it in a test stand and set the beat and everthing seemed fine I thought until after some time went by (no pun intended). I...
  10. B

    Need Junghans Clock Parts

    Hey, I am having a great and difficult time in finding a couple of parts for a Junghans 3 train Westminster Mantle Clock. Their are 2 pieces missing. 1st - is the Chime Locking Plate (see photo below) 2nd - strike warning wheel is broken (see photo) can any one tell me how I can find these...
  11. O

    Early Rolex Pocket Watch - Help Please

    Hi All, So I have a pocket watch and im trying to find out as much as I can. Received it as a gift on my 21st. The Watch was bought in Preston from a reputable jewellers called Hacklers. We were told that the watch had repairs over its life. I myself think that the Dial has either 1. Been...
  12. ManSkirtBrew

    Jewel repair Trying to find jewel info for ETA 1256

    Good morning! I'm working on a Benrus that has an ETA 1256 movement. It was non-running when I got it. I found that the upper hole jewel for the escape wheel was chipped and had been cutting into the pivot. I've found all the parts I need on Cousins except for that jewel, and...
  13. B

    How to measure a suspension spring

    Hi I have a French clock that I need to replace the suspension spring. I’m just not quite shore how to measure it. Any advice would be helpful. thanks
  14. B

    Looking for replacement leather for hammer tip

    Hi I’m replacing a leather tip and have all the measurements but am looking for a good leather to use. if anyone can help all I’m looking for is a thick sheet of leather I can hole punch. thanks
  15. matthew.sanders

    value Repair recommendations

    I've entered the world of clock repair because I have a Junghans A13 Stafford movement chime clock that is no longer functioning and it has been difficult finding repair companies that will give me a quote. Do any of you have recommendations for trustworthy repair people in the United States...
  16. Just in Time Clocks

    Ingraham mantel clock movement

    I am looking for someone to rebuild this movement or a place I can just buy one. It is a front f/s adjustment and front mount.
  17. B

    [Restoration] [ Junghans] Full repair of fleamarket found Junghans 93/1 for my brothers Birthday!

    Hi everyone! This time I'm back again with a little something which turned out to be something of a hybrid project. I had repaired and planned a video on a Junghans watch with the 93 movement caliber to give to my younger brother ( which young adult doesn't need a nice looking watch) and had...
  18. B

    Help identifying clock movements

    Hi I need help identifying this clock movement I got it sits it the housing slanted wich I thought was interesting. If anyone has any idea what it could be it would be appreciated. ps I know the face is Ansonia but can’t find a mechanism like it
  19. B

    Crown fan clock pendulum replacement

    Hi I’m repairing a crown fan clock it came in a different housings and no pendulum. Because of this have tried various pendulums with none working.all are ether to long or short so if someone is able to point me to a replacement pendulum that would be appreciated. thanks
  20. B

    Help finding replacement hair spring for a trade mark carriage clock

    Hi I’ve been repairing this musical alarm carriage cock and everything works.the one problem is the hair spring was to damaged to be used.if anyone can tell me the correct size I need for this model and wear to get it I would be thankful. thanks
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