1. B

    Looking for replacement leather for hammer tip

    Hi I’m replacing a leather tip and have all the measurements but am looking for a good leather to use. if anyone can help all I’m looking for is a thick sheet of leather I can hole punch. thanks
  2. matthew.sanders

    value Repair recommendations

    I've entered the world of clock repair because I have a Junghans A13 Stafford movement chime clock that is no longer functioning and it has been difficult finding repair companies that will give me a quote. Do any of you have recommendations for trustworthy repair people in the United States...
  3. Just in Time Clocks

    Ingraham mantel clock movement

    I am looking for someone to rebuild this movement or a place I can just buy one. It is a front f/s adjustment and front mount.
  4. B

    [Restoration] [ Junghans] Full repair of fleamarket found Junghans 93/1 for my brothers Birthday!

    Hi everyone! This time I'm back again with a little something which turned out to be something of a hybrid project. I had repaired and planned a video on a Junghans watch with the 93 movement caliber to give to my younger brother ( which young adult doesn't need a nice looking watch) and had...
  5. B

    Help identifying clock movements

    Hi I need help identifying this clock movement I got it sits it the housing slanted wich I thought was interesting. If anyone has any idea what it could be it would be appreciated. ps I know the face is Ansonia but can’t find a mechanism like it
  6. B

    Crown fan clock pendulum replacement

    Hi I’m repairing a crown fan clock it came in a different housings and no pendulum. Because of this have tried various pendulums with none working.all are ether to long or short so if someone is able to point me to a replacement pendulum that would be appreciated. thanks
  7. B

    Help finding replacement hair spring for a trade mark carriage clock

    Hi I’ve been repairing this musical alarm carriage cock and everything works.the one problem is the hair spring was to damaged to be used.if anyone can tell me the correct size I need for this model and wear to get it I would be thankful. thanks
  8. W

    Seeking Wristwatch Movement Repair: Patek Philippe Diamond Platinum Vintage Ladies Watch

    Hello! I would greatly appreciate any leads on someone who may be able to help with repairing the movement of my vintage Patek Philippe Ladies Wristwatch. I've attached photos here. To my knowledge, the hairspring is rusted and needs replaced. Thank you!
  9. Mike Mall

    Bushing Under a Bridge

    I am working on a Waterbury 30 hour clock I just acquired. Some past repairer installed a Rathbun bushing on the fly arbor. I want to remove that, and install a proper bushing. However the bridge is over the pivot hole. How do you folks get around a bridge to drill, and press in a new bushing?
  10. M

    Need help identifying a Swiss watch, and have questions about restoration

    Hello all, I want to start by saying I don't know anything about watches whatsoever, so please bear with me on that. I found this watch in a shop full of old trinkets and artifacts etc. and I was drawn to it for some reason. There's something very pretty about it despite its condition. I would...
  11. M

    Smiths Sectric repair advice needed

    Hi, This is my first time on your forum and in fact my first attempt at clock repair. I have some practical skills but no experience so would be grateful of some advice. The clock in the photo has been on the wall of my parent's house since at least the early 70s but sadly stopped working...
  12. A

    Watch Help Where to buy Mainesprings and Crystal’s online

    Hello all! I’m not looking for a list of every place that sells parts and I know I can search places like eBay, craigslist, and Amazon. What I’m looking for is a couple online resources that have a good reputation and don’t mark up their products crazy amounts while also charging an arm and a...
  13. Y

    19th c French Unknown Japy Freres Mantle Clock (ID and Repair Tips)

    Hey all, hopefully my photos uploaded correctly. (I inserted thumbnails for space's sake, but if that doesn't work I'll happily upload in full resolution) Anyways: I picked up this clock at a thrift store yesterday, and I don't know too much about it yet. The stamp indicates that it is a Japy...
  14. E

    Hamilton electric malfunctions

    Hey guys it’s my first post and thread on this forum, hopefully an easy one to speculate on as well! I have recently encountered three electric movements all exhibiting the same issue, the second hand spins VERY rapidly and Freely whilst setting despite the hack. Two of the movements were 505...
  15. B

    Watch Help WANTED: Several bits and bobs

    1) 12s South Bend lower balance cap jewel 2) 12s Illinois lower balance cap jewel 3) 12s Illinois stem for Wadsworth 12s case 4) 12s Wadsworth case sleeve 5) 12s Fahys case sleeve Every single one of these are apparently non-existent. if you have any of these so sell, I’ll pay up to $25cdn for...
  16. C

    Pocket Watch Pallet Fork Vibrating

    I'm work on a 15j Elgin 6/0s movement for a friend. As I've got it back together, I'm running into a issue with the pallet fork vibrating. I have attached a short video showing the vibrating problem, when it should just be locking back and forth as it is tapped. In the repair and servicing of...
  17. I

    Watch Help Open Lemania Single Pusher Chronograph - balance staff

    Hi all, I hope you’re doing well. I’m looking for some help or advice around my Lemania single pusher chronograph which I inherited a few years ago from my Grandad. It’s a UK RAF issue with what I believe is a cal. 2220 movement (possibly derived from a CH 15), although I could be wrong. I’ve...
  18. wagibson

    Looking to Repair Accutron Deep Sea

    As the title suggests, I'm looking to find somebody that could repair an Accutron Deep Sea that I inherited. The model number on the back is 150460. After taking it in for a battery replacement, I was told that it was actually the movement that needed to be repaired. Please let me know if...
  19. B

    South Bend Size 12 Grade 407 Hairspring Replacement

    Good evening everyone, Newbie here. Please go easy on me. I’m fairly new to the watch collecting and repair scene. I think we all know where this is going. Long story short, I have destroyed my South Bends Hairspring and am having some real trouble finding even a parts movement to replace it...
  20. L

    Pocket watch not working

    Hello, I'm new to the hobby of repairing watches and I tried to repair a Vogt pocket watch. I disasembled and manualy cleaned the watch and then reasembled and oild it. The problem is that the watch does not run and the mainspring barrel for some reason dont wants to turn so the watch cant be...

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