private label

  1. musicguy

    H. H. Taylor

    Please post some of your Henry H. Taylor (aka H. H. Taylor) Elgin watches His name was a trade name on Elgin's. Henry H. Taylor photo curtesy of the pocket watch database. Elgin National Watch Co. Research: Elgin H H Taylor Grades | Pocket Watch Database H.H. Taylor Pocket Watch Info by...
  2. musicguy

    Time is money Token

    Recently I was researching an 1899 Elgin private label 0 size "C. D. Peacock". One of the images that came up in my search was a Copper struck token(in the style of a Hard Times Token) from circa 1900 by Gorham Manufacturing Company (at the request of C.D. Peacock Jewelers of Chicago est 1837)...
  3. A

    Bailey Banks and Biddle help

    I have a Bailey Banks and Biddle pocket watch with a movement market “American Standard.” As I understand it, BB&B did not manufacture the watches themselves, so different movement and cases will appear with their name, but despite this, they had a high quality reputation. I have this heirloom...
  4. musicguy

    movement part Grade 91 Elgin

    Grade 91 Elgin 16 size Elgin convertible case(can come with watch if that's what you have) Mainliner style Crown and ZERO Size Maximus dial please I'm interested in hearing about any New York PL watch for sale. Elgin's with Heart Shape cut out on balance and a 18s Hamilton salesman case...
  5. Dave Coatsworth

    Waltham Private Label Watches

    Please post your Waltham private label watches in this thread. When posting, please include photos whenever possible (obeying copyright law, of course). For the description, please provide the serial number, model and grade information, and any information you have obtained about the retailer...
  6. musicguy

    Level of interest in Private Label watches

    I know that it would be a lot of work(probably way too much) but it seems(at least to me) that if Private Label watches could be filed by their State(and not just the Illinois examples) people could look up their state(or one they have interest in, lived in etc) to see the watches from Jewelers...
  7. Clint Geller

    Definition of a "private label" watch

    It as been suggested that a separate thread be started to discuss what the term "private label" means in the context of 19th Century watch manufacturing. Very well. I suggested a definition, which is in line with common general definitions of PL products found on-line, that a PL watch movement...
  8. Jim Haney

    What do you consider a Private Label Watch?

    This question came up in another thread and there are different opinions on the subject so I thought it would make a good topic for discussion. This is the link to our discussion and after post #7 Jerry, Larry & I got off topic from the original poster inquiry and ended up with a discussion...
  9. G

    Private labels

    The name ‘private label’ is associated with placing on a watch the name and often the location of the watch distributor/retailer in addition to, or instead of, the name of the watch maker. Such labeling certainly was a good advertisement for the watch retailers, mostly jewelers, and increased...

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